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Miss Leah is ONE!

All of my kiddos are turning one!  Miss Leah is another little one that I’ve been photographing every three months, so once again this was a bitter sweet session.  Leah is a Valentine baby, so we made sure to incorporate some Valentine props into her session.  Typically, she’s serious during our sessions together, but not this time!  She was full of great smiles and flailing arms to show how excited she was about turning one!

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Fletch Man is ONE!

I am so sad that this little man is turning one.  I’ve been photographing him since he was inside mama’s belly, and then every three months after he was born.  His mom, Lindsay, always has super creative ideas for the sessions!  Poor Fletcher has had fake tattoos on his bottom, fake mustaches on his upper lip, and we even wrapped him in Christmas lights!  Needless to say, every session with this family has been a ton of fun, which is why I’m so sad.

Fletcher’s party theme will be Dr. Seuss, so we decided to base his photo session around that too.  All I brought was the backdrop and camera.  Lindsay supplied everything else, because most of it is decor for the party.  Isn’t that banner the cutest?!?  Lindsay made it!  She rocks!  We’ve photographed him in ties every session to keep up with the “old man” theme.  This time, we incorporated those red glasses and they just made the session perfect!

Lindsay is also my primary referral source!  Without her, I wouldn’t be near as successful!  Did I mention that she rocks??

Happy first birthday Fletch Man!

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Miss Whitney {3 months}

This little lady’s genetics are hands down unfair!  If you read my earlier blog, Mommy and Me, you should see some similarities in this blog.  Why is that, because the mama’s of these beautiful baby girls are twin sisters!  I love this whole family, and feel very fortunate to have them as clients!  One of my favorite things about this session, was the adorable clothing mama picked out for Whitney.  I mean, that jean jacket and those coral pants are dripping with cuteness!  I also loved hearing the songs and sayings mom and dad used as tricks to get those gummy smiles!  I often wish I could record the parents behind me, because I know it would be hilarious!  Looking forward to watching this little lady grow up in front of my camera!


This is what Whitney thought about the photo session lol….



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Treat everyday like the 14th…

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!  I’m sure a lot of you are celebrating this weekend, since it fell on a weekday.  Typically, Shannon and I will do the usual dinner and movie, but this year was extra special for me…

The day before Valentine’s Day, my Aunt Trina and Cousin Tess arrived from out of state.  That evening we all headed to the Maroon 5 concert, which had been a Christmas gift to Tess.  It was a blast!  Our only complaint from the whole evening was that Adam Levine didn’t take his shirt off lol!



The next day, Valentine’s Day, I was able to spend the whole day with Trina and Tess!  As I said before, one of the main reasons I changed my work schedule this year was to have more time to spend with my family.  I feel very fortunate to have the ability to do that, and greatly appreciate how hard Shannon works to make this possible for me!  I took Trina and Tess to visit Shannon at work.  He showed them all around his building and then took us to a very romantic lunch at Chipotle lol!  Actually, Tess picked Chipotle, because they don’t have one where she lives.  After lunch, I took them to the mall.  Tess has her first formal dance coming up, so we helped her pick out shoes and jewelry.  Below I posted a photo of us shoe shopping.  I’m only 5’2, so everyone is taller than me, but once Tess put those heels on, she towered over me!  The other photo is us with the new shoes we bought at Von Mauer.


After a fun day of shopping we returned home to gifts from Shannon!  He had already given me a beautiful Betsey Johnson necklace and earring set, but on the kitchen table was now candy and cards for the three of us.  He’s the absolute best!!  Trina was over the moon about receiving a Valentine!  For those of you who don’t know, Trina was my Uncle Brian’s wife.  He was the police officer that was selfishly taken from our lives five long years ago.  We have been through the most terrible of times together as a family, and that’s why when we are able to spend so much time together laughing instead of crying, it’s beyond amazing for us.  I feel a little selfish saying that this was the BEST Valentine’s Day for me, because Shannon worked all day, but he knows how much I value my family time.  Didn’t I mention he’s the absolute best?!?

My final thought for this blog is to treat everyday like the 14th.  Don’t wait for a Hallmark holiday to do something special for your loved ones.  Everything can change in a split second, so take advantage of everyday.  Also, take lots and lots of pictures!!  All of the photos in this blog are from my iPhone.  In the end, all we will have left is our memories and our pictures.  Everyone have a fabulous weekend, and make lots of new memories!  xoxo



I wanted to share the gifts Shannon and I exchanged…

Isn’t this Betsey Johnson set the cutest?!?  I wore it all day and received so many compliments!

I got my idea for Shannon’s gift from Pinterest.  We can never decide where to eat dinner, so I made this jar of sticks with a different restaurant written on each one.  The other jar is random things we could do for a date night/weekend.


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Love is in the Air

With Valentine’s Day being one week away, I wanted to share some of my favorite “love” inspired photos…


Those tootsies belong to Shannon’s Godson, Preston, who’s three now!


Our friends, Rich and Jackie, during their Christmas session!


The easiest baby I’ve ever photographed!  Miss Lili who’s turning one very soon!


The future Weaver’s!  Pop art session done in honor of their engagement party we had in November.


My amazing in-laws!  This was taken when we were vacationing in Tybee Island.


A couple years ago, I did a weekly photography challenge.  This was one of the photos from that project.


Really enjoyed this urban maternity session!  It was freezing outside that day too!


Another photo from the weekly photography project I did a couple years ago.


Isn’t he the cutest?!?  This was taken at the Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley.

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