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The Ewald Fam 3 + 1 = 4

We have been friends with Dan and Kelly for over 10 years.  Kelly was my first maternity session ever, four years ago.  She went into labor shortly after, which couldn’t have been from all of the crazy positions I put her in lol!  They are currently expecting baby #2 any day now, and it’s a girl!  I spent the whole day with Kelly and Preston to complete this session.  Dan joined us later when he got off work.  We started at their house where I took that awesome shot of Pres with his cars.  That’s one of my all time favs!  Then, just the three of us went to Homestead Park to capture Pres with all of his Superman stuff.  It was really windy that day, so the cape was in full flying mode!  You can’t really tell just how cute those poses are in the cape, because I choose not to post a lot of them.  He’s wearing only Superman underwear underneath, and it’s absolutely adorable!

By the time Dan joined us, a storm had moved in.  We decided to stay under the covered bridge and finish the session anyways, which was interesting!  I’ve never moved so fast through poses!  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but as I said earlier, the wind was very strong that day, so it was blowing cold rain right onto us.  I love the feet shot with the ampersand sign, and blame the crazy weather on the fact that it’s backwards lol!  I decided to leave it backwards, because it’s a funny story!

I met with Kelly and Preston today for lunch.  She sees the Dr. tomorrow and there’s a high possibility that she’ll be induced this week!  So, I’ll be photographing a beautiful newborn baby girl very shortly!

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Thowback Thursday {Roane-Thomas Family}

When I decided back in November of last year to go prn (as needed) with my Physical Therapy job, I was very sad about not seeing my good friend Selina everyday.  Not only were Selina and I co-workers for almost three years, but we also attended college together.  I was so young at only 17 when I entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program, so Selina always says I was like her baby haha!  When we graduated college, Selina and I lost touch for over seven years.  She got a job in Mansfield, and I moved to Columbus.  After seven long years of being apart, I was interviewing for a new job when who do I see standing in the therapy gym?  Selina!!!  I of course took the job, and we have really enjoyed re-connecting over the past three years.  She is super happy that I am pursuing my dream, but we are both still sad about not working together anymore.

She’s on my mind today, so I decided to dedicate today’s post to her.  I’m starting with her engagement photos.  I was very honored when she asked me to capture such an exciting time in her life.  The weather was not on our side though, so we re-scheduled three times!  Finally, Mother Nature cooperated for us and we had an absolutely beautiful day at Innis Wood Gardens.  Selina and Norvin were so easy to work with!  Their love for each other shines through in each photograph.  Now, they are happily married and approaching their one year anniversary!


Last fall, I met again with Selina for a photo session at the Park of Roses.  This time, it was all about her daughter, Kaliha.  I just love this young lady!  She has such a lovely spirit and great sense of humor.  My cheeks hurt when I’m around Kaliha from the constant smile she makes me wear!  If you know her amazing mama, then you know where she gets it from 🙂


Miss you dearly Selina!  xoxo

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Maddie & Ryder

I believe this is the fourth time I’ve photographed these adorable kiddos!  I was so worried the day we were meeting, because the forecast predicted rain the entire day.  Plus, I had heard rumbles of thunder in the distance about three hours before the session.  Thankfully though, mother nature was on our side!  Despite some pretty strong wind, it was a very successful session.

I absolutely LOVED Miss Maddie’s outfit!  She knew how to work it too!  I don’t think she ever put her purse down unless I asked her to.  I was amazed at how grown up little Ryder was at this session.  He was so tall, and walking and talking the entire time.  Both kiddos have amazing eyes!  I was happy we chose Homestead Park for the photo location, because of the blue train there.  That blue against Ryder’s eyes was amazing!  The wagon I used was my hubby’s when he was a little boy.  It’s so noisy and missing one of the red side pieces, but I just love the vintage feel of it.  I put a quilt on the bottom of it that was my Grandma’s to protect them from getting dirty.  Even without all of the sentimental pieces, that photo of Maddie kissing her brother in the wagon is my all-time favorite!

I keep telling mom and dad they need to jump into the photos sometime!  As many times as I’ve met with them, they’ve never taken a family photo.  Maybe I can convince them this summer!

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Miss Nora {7 months}

A lot of families schedule photos at six months, because it it considered a milestone month.  Typically, around the sixth month, babies are beginning to sit unsupported.  They can still be very weeble wobbly though, so sometimes it’s better to wait until they are seven months old.  Which brings me to Miss Nora.

Nora’s mom contacted me for a mini session at my house to capture her at this fun stage.  The black flooring in our house, though impossible to keep clean, photographs beautifully.  I gave mom lots of backdrop options, and she chose the black and white damask, which reflects great in the floor.  Little Nora was all smiles and very easy to work with.  I, of course, love the photos of her in only the bloomers!

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Throwback Thursday {Retro Pin-up}

Recently, I’ve had several women ask me about boudoir and maternity sessions.  It seems that a lot of women are passing on these fabulous sessions, because they think they have to be nude for the photos.  While some women are completely confident posing nude or semi-nude for photos, I would say the majority are not.  The photos I’m sharing today are some of my absolute favorites!  I categorize a lot of these as boudoir, but you’ll see they are outdoors and she isn’t nude or wearing lingerie.  Now, I realize she’s drop dead gorgeous and has a body to die for, especially in that swimsuit!  Trust me though, you can do this too!

Meet Laura.  If you’ve been a follower of mine you will recognize her beautiful face.  Laura and I have know each other since high school, and she is really good friends with my sis-in-law.  I have photographed Laura twice.  She is exceptional to work with!  Once you put her in a particular character and/or setting, she transforms into a super model!  I’m always in awe of how she knows exactly how to pose her body.  She makes my job super easy and fun both in front of the lens and during the editing process.

A couple summers ago I had an idea to do a retro pin-up shoot.  I bought a couple items of clothing to use for the session, but most of it I already had.  My sis-in-law, Ashley, and best friend, Nina, also helped with the session.  Nina did Laura’s hair and makeup, which looked amazing!  Ashley is a fashion designer, so I always value her input during sessions, not only on wardrobe, but also posing ideas.  Together, the four of us worked incredibly well together, and the pictures speak for themselves!

I would love to photograph Laura once a month!  Maybe we should make that our goal.  Mark your calendar Laura Lou!!


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