Meet the Sevens


I’m Crystal, and that’s my husband, Shannon.  Welcome to our photography website!

Curious where the name Sevens came from?  Seven was my Grandma’s favorite number.  It just so happens to also be my Husband’s favorite as well.  Since my Grandma’s passing, I see the number seven everywhere.  It has always given me comfort when I see it, because I feel it’s her letting me know she’s still watching over me.  When my Husband and I were picking a wedding date we decided in honor of my Grandparents we would share their wedding Anniversary.  That date just so happened to be July 7, 2007 (7/7/07).  So, on the luckiest day of the year, we had our fairytale wedding and started our fairytale life together.  It was only appropriate to name our photography business after the number that has given us so much joy in the past.  As for the future, we plan to one day officially change our name to Mr. & Mrs. Sevens.

Most of you will never have the opportunity to meet my wonderful hubby, Shannon.  He is a HUGE part of my photography business though!  His background is in computer art and animation, as well as studio art, so he is amazingly creative!  When I first started learning Photoshop, he was my teacher, and still helps me with tricky editing situations.  His eye for fonts and color combinations is impeccable, so any press items you receive from Sevens Photo, know that he has personally designed it.  He is also the brains behind this fabulous website.  Basically, he’s pretty much a big deal!  If you ever do get the chance to meet him, you’re in for a treat!  He’ll have you laughing and smiling until your cheeks hurt!

You will meet me though!  Don’t be surprised if I show up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt.  I usually end up laying on the ground, climbing rocks, jumping fences, whatever it takes to get a really great photo!  I want our session together to be relaxed and fun.  My style is based on each particular client, and what you want to achieve from the session.  The goal is to capture real moments and emotions, but I will give posing suggestions along the way.  Most sessions will take place outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.  Even though I don’t have a studio, I do have studio equipment if needed.  I am a prop junkie, but I encourage each client to incorporate your own personal props as well.  I’m always looking for new locations and fun themes, so please feel free to share your ideas!

Thanks for stopping by to meet the Sevens!  We hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to working with you!