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Throwback Thursday {Thad & Kathy are gettin’ hitched}

I thought it was only appropriate to share this engagement session since the big wedding is Saturday!

Meet Kathy, my hubby’s aunt.  She gets full credit for the awesome retro theme of this session.  We chose an area in downtown Mansfield to shoot the photos, and her fiance’ has a friend who let us borrow that awesome car.  Kathy really understood the importance of looking the part too.  She did a great job styling herself and Thad, which really tied in the whole theme.

This was a lot of fun for me, because it was something entirely different from what I normally do.  We made sure to take full advantage of that awesome car as a prop!  The owner of the car was so kind to let them not only lean on it, but also sit on top of the hood.  We, of course, were terrified of scratching the car, but he assured us it would be fine.  These are some of my all time favorite photos!

Thad and Kathy also wanted to have some casual photos taken.  We were a little pressed for time, because we had so much fun with the car I think we lost track of time.  We shot the casual photos at my mother-in-law’s house.  Not only are her and Kathy sisters, but this is also where the actual wedding ceremony is taking place on Saturday.  My mother-in-law, Robin, has a beautifully landscaped backyard.  She also has a very unique red caboose in the backyard, which makes an amazing photo prop.  I also love the photos we took here, because Thad and Kathy could just be themselves.  The sun was staring to set, so we had limited time to capture these.  Every photo of them is so great though we didn’t need to take a ton.  Their love and connection shines through in all of them!

I will be photographing their big day on Saturday.  Typically, I don’t do weddings, but this is a special circumstance.  We are all very excited for Kathy and agree that she absolutely couldn’t have found a better man.  I also think that they picked a lucky day to get hitched! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 16 year dating anniversary on Saturday as well (yes, we still recognize our dating anniversary).

Family has arrived from out of town, the weather is forecasted to be great, and decorating has begun!  Let’s get this show on the road and welcome Thad into the family!


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Thowback Thursday {Roane-Thomas Family}

When I decided back in November of last year to go prn (as needed) with my Physical Therapy job, I was very sad about not seeing my good friend Selina everyday.  Not only were Selina and I co-workers for almost three years, but we also attended college together.  I was so young at only 17 when I entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program, so Selina always says I was like her baby haha!  When we graduated college, Selina and I lost touch for over seven years.  She got a job in Mansfield, and I moved to Columbus.  After seven long years of being apart, I was interviewing for a new job when who do I see standing in the therapy gym?  Selina!!!  I of course took the job, and we have really enjoyed re-connecting over the past three years.  She is super happy that I am pursuing my dream, but we are both still sad about not working together anymore.

She’s on my mind today, so I decided to dedicate today’s post to her.  I’m starting with her engagement photos.  I was very honored when she asked me to capture such an exciting time in her life.  The weather was not on our side though, so we re-scheduled three times!  Finally, Mother Nature cooperated for us and we had an absolutely beautiful day at Innis Wood Gardens.  Selina and Norvin were so easy to work with!  Their love for each other shines through in each photograph.  Now, they are happily married and approaching their one year anniversary!


Last fall, I met again with Selina for a photo session at the Park of Roses.  This time, it was all about her daughter, Kaliha.  I just love this young lady!  She has such a lovely spirit and great sense of humor.  My cheeks hurt when I’m around Kaliha from the constant smile she makes me wear!  If you know her amazing mama, then you know where she gets it from 🙂


Miss you dearly Selina!  xoxo

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