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Throwback Thursday {Retro Pin-up}

Recently, I’ve had several women ask me about boudoir and maternity sessions.  It seems that a lot of women are passing on these fabulous sessions, because they think they have to be nude for the photos.  While some women are completely confident posing nude or semi-nude for photos, I would say the majority are not.  The photos I’m sharing today are some of my absolute favorites!  I categorize a lot of these as boudoir, but you’ll see they are outdoors and she isn’t nude or wearing lingerie.  Now, I realize she’s drop dead gorgeous and has a body to die for, especially in that swimsuit!  Trust me though, you can do this too!

Meet Laura.  If you’ve been a follower of mine you will recognize her beautiful face.  Laura and I have know each other since high school, and she is really good friends with my sis-in-law.  I have photographed Laura twice.  She is exceptional to work with!  Once you put her in a particular character and/or setting, she transforms into a super model!  I’m always in awe of how she knows exactly how to pose her body.  She makes my job super easy and fun both in front of the lens and during the editing process.

A couple summers ago I had an idea to do a retro pin-up shoot.  I bought a couple items of clothing to use for the session, but most of it I already had.  My sis-in-law, Ashley, and best friend, Nina, also helped with the session.  Nina did Laura’s hair and makeup, which looked amazing!  Ashley is a fashion designer, so I always value her input during sessions, not only on wardrobe, but also posing ideas.  Together, the four of us worked incredibly well together, and the pictures speak for themselves!

I would love to photograph Laura once a month!  Maybe we should make that our goal.  Mark your calendar Laura Lou!!


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