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Silk Dyed Eggs

Happy Good Friday! I wanted to share the unique way Shannon and I colored our eggs last year. I found this idea on Pinterest, of course! It was time consuming, but so fun! So, if you haven’t yet colored eggs for Easter and are looking for a new creative way to do it, I highly recommend this technique. Or maybe you can store this idea away for next year.

First, you need 100% silk fabric. This could be a tie, scarf, or piece of fabric. We went to local thrift stores and bought mens ties fairly cheap. Make sure to check the tag on the inside of the tie to ensure it’s 100% silk. We learned that the darker colors will turn out better. Also, don’t be afraid to buy ugly patterns. Those usually turn out the best!

Next, cut the seams of the ties and remove the lining, so you’re just left with the silk. Make sure there’s enough fabric to cover the egg. Then, you’ll wrap the fabric around the egg with the printed side in.


Twist the fabric and secure it with a twisty tie. Be careful not to break the egg during this step! We busted one of ours. Where there are folds in the fabric, it will create a swirly pattern, which is sometimes the prettiest part of the egg.


Now, you’ll need an old sheet or pillowcase. We picked up a sheet at the thrift store when we bought the ties. It just needs to be a light color and light fabric. You’re going to cut that fabric up and now wrap the eggs again. We used zip ties to secure the fabric since it was so thick.


Now, it’s time to boil the eggs! Put them in a pot and cover with water. Add 1/4 cup vinegar and bring water to a boil. Let them boil for 20 minutes, then put them on a cookie rack or in a colander and let them completely cool. This is the worst part, because we were so excited to see the finished product, but if you unwrap them too soon the pattern won’t be transferred fully. So, we let them set overnight to make sure they were completely dry.

It was so fun unwrapping them! As you can see, some turned out way better than others. This is why I said earlier to look for darker colored silk.


Here’s some close ups of the eggs that were our favorites. Remember, I said where the fabric folds it will make a swirly pattern? You can see that on some of the eggs below, and I love it!


I hope some of you will try this! I realize most children won’t enjoy this, but it’s fantastic for adults who are still kids at heart! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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