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Baby Boo

Meet Lisa and Jimmy. Lisa and I use to work together. Because of our age, and the fact that we are both married, our patients would often drill us on why we didn’t have kids. To which we both replied, we do. We have fur kids! Then, we would typically follow up with some joke like, well we can legally cage our dogs, but that’s frowned upon with children. We also worked with a staff of almost all women and most of them had children. That was also entertaining, because we heard lots of birth stories, gross things in diapers, sleepless nights because of vomiting, etc. Now, all those gross stories were always followed up with, but motherhood is the best, really. There was never a dull moment at the clinic and Lisa and I always had each other’s backs!

Sadly, when she became pregnant, we no longer worked together. She’s an avid blogger herself, so I did keep up on her changes, emotions, and funny stories. It’s always weird when you go from seeing someone everyday, to not at all. So, I was super excited to see her for this photo session. We had originally planned for a fall session at an apple orchard. Unfortunately, it rained the day we met, so we ended up at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Lisa looked fantastic! She had the cutest little baby bump. You didn’t even know she was pregnant until she turned around. I have to give her lots of credit for working out during her entire pregnancy. She continued to run and do her hip hop fitness classes the entire time. She was a prego rockstar!

They had decided to not find out the sex of the baby, hence the name “Baby Boo.” Six months ago today, Lisa delivered a beautiful baby BOY! I haven’t met the little guy in person yet, but like I said, she’s a blogger, so I’ve kept up on his life. Hopefully, we can meet to capture his 6 month milestone!

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. I’m just proud to be a small piece in this one ūüôā Happy 6 month birthday baby James and happy first Father’s Day to Jimmy!

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Emily + Tyler + Princess P

I’m really excited to share this family with you! ¬†I had met Emily and Tyler way before they asked me to photograph them, but I had never spent much one on one time with them. ¬†They are really good friends with my sis in law and we all went to the same high school together. ¬†I remember after we met for the maternity session, I texted my sis in law to say what awesome parents Emily and Tyler were going to be!

The beautiful thing about photographing families is that I get to know them on a different level. ¬†I feel like I should add a disclaimer to my website; WARNING I am going to touch you lol! ¬†This can really freak people out, especially if we’ve never met! ¬†I blame it on my Physical Therapy job that I’m a touchy feely person. ¬†Anyway, I did warn Tyler at the beginning of their maternity session that I would touch him, as I was putting a sonogram photo into his back pocket lol!

These maternity photos almost didn’t happen, because Emily and Tyler weren’t sure they wanted them. ¬†Like most men, spending time on a Sunday being photographed didn’t sound like much fun. ¬†Emily was 34 weeks along when she contacted me, and admitted she also wasn’t crazy about being photographed, but was afraid she would regret it later if she missed out on these special memories. ¬†I couldn’t have agreed with her more, so we found a date that worked in a hurry since we were about a month away from her due date.

Let me tell you, I am soooo happy they changed their minds about these photos, because I love them! Emily and Tyler live in Mansfield, so I was worried at first that if would be difficult for us to find a time to schedule.  It all worked out perfectly though!  I was already going to be in town for a Baptism on a Sunday, so we met in downtown Mansfield that day.  We had such a hot summer, I was also worried about over heating Emily, but it was later in the day when we met and the buildings around us provided lots of shade, so that worked out perfectly too.  We decided a mini session would be perfect, so we spent 30 minutes together and captured so many great photos.


I’m pleased to introduce Miss Peyton, better know as Princess P, to you! ¬†She is four days old in these photos.

I spent about 4-5 hours with Emily and Princess P during the newborn session. ¬†If you’ve ever hired me for a newborn session you know I take my time and move at the baby’s pace, so it does take a while. ¬†This session took longer though, because I visited with Emily for so long. ¬†It was really nice to just sit and talk with her about motherhood, the delivery process, friends, family, etc. ¬†Of course, I loved meeting the princess, but my favorite part of this session was getting to know Emily better.

Miss Peyton did so well during her session! ¬†Once I got her to fall asleep, she was out cold. ¬†Emily, Tyler, and myself are all big OSU fans, so you’ll notice all the different OSU poses. ¬†This is one beautiful baby girl! ¬†She had a perfect complexion and oh my gosh those cheeks killed me! ¬†You really get the full effect of those cheeks when she’s posed on her belly!


This is my favorite photo! ¬†How sweet is that smile?!? ¬†I recently blew this up onto a canvas and hung it in a local Dr’s office. ¬†So, Miss P is famous already and doesn’t even know it!


A huge thanks to Emily and Tyler for allowing me to capture this special time for them! ¬†I hope we’ll be able to work together again in the future!



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Ashlee {Maternity}

Per my typical style, I have fallen way behind on my blog!  I think this post is a great way to start out the new year though!

My neighbor, Ashlee, contacted me to have maternity photos taken as a surprise Christmas gift for her hubby, Kyle. ¬†The day we met was miserably cold and windy, but she was a trooper! ¬†We ended the session with the only photo she had specifically requested. ¬†She had forgot to bring an example to show me, so we just went from her memory. ¬†She told me Kyle really liked a maternity photo of his own mother and she would like to re-create it. ¬†Ashlee said she just needed to stand in front of a tree and look down at her belly to simulate her mother-in-law’s photo. ¬†Since I had nothing to compare the photo too, I would snap a few then show Ashlee the back of the camera so she could make adjustments to the pose.

Christmas came and went and I anxiously waited to hear how the surprise had went.  Of course, Kyle loved the photos!  What I learned after the fact, about that last photo we took, touched my soul.

Kyle’s mother is deceased, and that’s why this photo was so meaningful to re-create. ¬†The original photo was taken the day before she delivered Kyle, in front of a tree in the front yard of the house they lived in at that time. ¬†Ashlee put the original photo and the one I took of her in a frame and presented it to Kyle on Christmas. ¬†She then told me the plan is to hang that frame over the baby’s bed in the nursery, so Grandma can always watch over their little girl. ¬†I am typing this with blurred vision as I hold back the tears! ¬†What an amazing wife and mommy Ashlee is and will be!

I obviously always want my clients to be happy with their photos, but after learning the full story behind this particular photo, I was terrified I hadn’t done full justice to the original since I had never seen it. ¬†Ashlee sent me a photo of the frame she had made, and we definitely have the distance off from the tree to her body. ¬†I obsessed over that flaw for a minute, then I realized, it didn’t matter. ¬†Even though I wasn’t present when Kyle opened this gift, I know the first thing that entered his mind was not the error in distance.

A huge thanks to Ashlee for allowing me to capture such a precious time in her life! ¬†Also, a huge congrats to Ashlee and Kyle as they welcomed their little girl into the world last week! ¬†She is quite the beauty, like Grandma was, I’m sure.

The photo below is the one this post is about…

These are some of my favorites from the session…

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The Ewald Fam 3 + 1 = 4

We have been friends with Dan and Kelly for over 10 years. ¬†Kelly was my first maternity session ever, four years ago. ¬†She went into labor shortly after, which couldn’t have been from all of the crazy positions I put her in lol! ¬†They are currently expecting baby #2 any day now, and it’s a girl! ¬†I spent the whole day with Kelly and Preston to complete this session. ¬†Dan joined us later when he got off work. ¬†We started at their house where I took that awesome shot of Pres with his cars. ¬†That’s one of my all time favs! ¬†Then, just the three of us went to Homestead Park to capture Pres with all of his Superman stuff. ¬†It was really windy that day, so the cape was in full flying mode! ¬†You can’t really tell just how cute those poses are in the cape, because I choose not to post a lot of them. ¬†He’s wearing only Superman underwear underneath, and it’s absolutely adorable!

By the time Dan joined us, a storm had moved in. ¬†We decided to stay under the covered bridge and finish the session anyways, which was interesting! ¬†I’ve never moved so fast through poses! ¬†It wouldn’t have been so bad, but as I said earlier, the wind was very strong that day, so it was blowing cold rain right onto us. ¬†I love the feet shot with the ampersand sign, and blame the crazy weather on the fact that it’s backwards lol! ¬†I decided to leave it backwards, because it’s a funny story!

I met with Kelly and Preston today for lunch. ¬†She sees the Dr. tomorrow and there’s a high possibility that she’ll be induced this week! ¬†So, I’ll be photographing a beautiful newborn baby girl very shortly!

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