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Throwback Thursday {Baby Dylan}

I just photographed this family last week, and they are my favorite photos so far!  “Baby Dylan” is now two and his big brother, Cohen, will be turning five soon.  I’ve known their parents for 11 years now.  Brandy and I worked together for a very long time.  The past couple of years, I unfortunately don’t see them that often since we no longer work together.

Almost a year ago, Brandy was involved in a very serious car accident.  Both boys were in the car too.  Fortunately, the boys only had very minor injuries.  Brandy, on the other hand, had several fractures.  We all know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well, the only thing they lost that day was their car, but the fact that they could have lost much much more is a scary thought.  I’ll never forget the look on Nathan’s face when I visited them at the hospital.  He was crouched onto the ground in the hallway with his head in his hands.  When he finally looked at me I knew he was thinking about how close he came to loosing his entire family.

Brandy had a long recovery.  Being a mother of two while wearing a back brace and loosing the use of your left hand was definitely not easy.  She made it though!  When we were together last week she showed me that she has lost some motion in her left wrist, but other than that is doing great considering.

We may not see each other everyday like we use to, or even once a month, but I will always love this family dearly.  With the anniversary of the accident approaching, I’m so honored to be capturing priceless memories for them and reminding everyone how priceless our time here together really is.

Let’s end on a happy note with the first photos of baby Dylan.  This was my first outdoor newborn session.  Dylan did awesome the entire time.  I honestly don’t remember him crying at all!  They have the two cutest little guys!

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Throwback Thursday {Thad & Kathy are gettin’ hitched}

I thought it was only appropriate to share this engagement session since the big wedding is Saturday!

Meet Kathy, my hubby’s aunt.  She gets full credit for the awesome retro theme of this session.  We chose an area in downtown Mansfield to shoot the photos, and her fiance’ has a friend who let us borrow that awesome car.  Kathy really understood the importance of looking the part too.  She did a great job styling herself and Thad, which really tied in the whole theme.

This was a lot of fun for me, because it was something entirely different from what I normally do.  We made sure to take full advantage of that awesome car as a prop!  The owner of the car was so kind to let them not only lean on it, but also sit on top of the hood.  We, of course, were terrified of scratching the car, but he assured us it would be fine.  These are some of my all time favorite photos!

Thad and Kathy also wanted to have some casual photos taken.  We were a little pressed for time, because we had so much fun with the car I think we lost track of time.  We shot the casual photos at my mother-in-law’s house.  Not only are her and Kathy sisters, but this is also where the actual wedding ceremony is taking place on Saturday.  My mother-in-law, Robin, has a beautifully landscaped backyard.  She also has a very unique red caboose in the backyard, which makes an amazing photo prop.  I also love the photos we took here, because Thad and Kathy could just be themselves.  The sun was staring to set, so we had limited time to capture these.  Every photo of them is so great though we didn’t need to take a ton.  Their love and connection shines through in all of them!

I will be photographing their big day on Saturday.  Typically, I don’t do weddings, but this is a special circumstance.  We are all very excited for Kathy and agree that she absolutely couldn’t have found a better man.  I also think that they picked a lucky day to get hitched! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 16 year dating anniversary on Saturday as well (yes, we still recognize our dating anniversary).

Family has arrived from out of town, the weather is forecasted to be great, and decorating has begun!  Let’s get this show on the road and welcome Thad into the family!


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Throwback Thursday {Tess Jordan}

Last October we spent a weekend in Kentucky with my aunt and cousin, Trina and Tess.  If you have just stumbled upon my blog for the first time, they are the wife and daughter of my uncle Brian.  You can read about him in my last blog post.  For the first 25 years of my life, spending weekends with family was part of my everyday life.  Unfortunately, within the past five years it’s a rare occurrence.  Needless to say, we were all excited to have this weekend together!

Tess took us on our first Gator ride in the woods.  Being the city girl that I am, when she said “ride the gator” I was freaked out!  I had never heard of or seen a gator in my life other than an alligator lol!  It was so fun though, and she of course was a great driver!  We watched movies, rode horses, played volleyball, had family dinners, and most importantly spent time together.  Other than riding the horses, my favorite part of the trip was photographing Tess.

For a while, I had been telling her that I wanted a photo of her in her dad’s police hat.  So, I finally got it!  She wore his police hat, jacket, and one of the t-shirts we had made with Brian’s face on the front.  The photos came out more amazing than I ever dreamed!

Saturday May 18 is the last day of National Police Week.  More importantly, it’s Tess’s 16th birthday.  Ironic that her birthday always falls during the same week her daddy is honored isn’t it?  Everyone agrees her birthday is hard every year, but the big sweet 16 may prove to be the hardest yet.

For me, I’m feeling guilty as this special day approaches.  Guilty that Brian taught me to drive, not her.  Guilty that Brian took me to my driver’s license test and cheered me on through the window, not her.  Guilty that Brian watched me walk down the aisle on my wedding day, and will never watch Tess.  Why was I blessed with 25 years with him and Tess only 10?  While I try to see the silver lining that at least Brian had the opportunity to share those experiences with someone he loved and looked after, it just isn’t fair.  I know Brian and Tess had so many awesome memories during their 10 years together.  From Caribbean cruises to Friday night football games they were inseparable.  He taught his “baby girl” or “biggie smalls” to be strong minded and self confident.  She is so much like him, it’s a little scary!

Throughout the past five years, Tess has been the strongest of the whole family.  She made posters to display at the funeral and handed out suckers (one of her dad’s favorite candies) at his memorial ceremony.  It was her little 10-year-old hand on my shoulder soothing me through my tears.  When I asked her how she could be so strong I believe she said something to the effect of, my dad would want me to be.  Maybe those burdens I stated above have never entered her mind.  If they have, I want nothing more than for her to know that while I treasure all of my memories with Brian, I wish it could have been her.

If you read this Tess, I don’t know why life is so unfair.  What I do know is that you are amazing.  Since we can’t change what has happened we just have to make the best of it, and you have proven to be a survivor and not a victim.  Though he won’t physically be present for all of your adventures in life, he will most definitely be with you in spirit.  I hope that you will look to me as not only family, but a friend, as I did your dad.  Know that until I die, it will be my mission that no one ever forgets your dad.  What a blessing it is for both of us to have loved and been loved by him.

I want to end this post by saying you had to face a terrible reality and grow up too fast too soon, but take this away from it… your dad did more in 37 years than some people ever do.  He loved life and he loved you more than life.  So, live yours to the fullest!  Happy almost sweet 16!  I love you more than you know!

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Thowback Thursday {Roane-Thomas Family}

When I decided back in November of last year to go prn (as needed) with my Physical Therapy job, I was very sad about not seeing my good friend Selina everyday.  Not only were Selina and I co-workers for almost three years, but we also attended college together.  I was so young at only 17 when I entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program, so Selina always says I was like her baby haha!  When we graduated college, Selina and I lost touch for over seven years.  She got a job in Mansfield, and I moved to Columbus.  After seven long years of being apart, I was interviewing for a new job when who do I see standing in the therapy gym?  Selina!!!  I of course took the job, and we have really enjoyed re-connecting over the past three years.  She is super happy that I am pursuing my dream, but we are both still sad about not working together anymore.

She’s on my mind today, so I decided to dedicate today’s post to her.  I’m starting with her engagement photos.  I was very honored when she asked me to capture such an exciting time in her life.  The weather was not on our side though, so we re-scheduled three times!  Finally, Mother Nature cooperated for us and we had an absolutely beautiful day at Innis Wood Gardens.  Selina and Norvin were so easy to work with!  Their love for each other shines through in each photograph.  Now, they are happily married and approaching their one year anniversary!


Last fall, I met again with Selina for a photo session at the Park of Roses.  This time, it was all about her daughter, Kaliha.  I just love this young lady!  She has such a lovely spirit and great sense of humor.  My cheeks hurt when I’m around Kaliha from the constant smile she makes me wear!  If you know her amazing mama, then you know where she gets it from 🙂


Miss you dearly Selina!  xoxo

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Throwback Thursday {Retro Pin-up}

Recently, I’ve had several women ask me about boudoir and maternity sessions.  It seems that a lot of women are passing on these fabulous sessions, because they think they have to be nude for the photos.  While some women are completely confident posing nude or semi-nude for photos, I would say the majority are not.  The photos I’m sharing today are some of my absolute favorites!  I categorize a lot of these as boudoir, but you’ll see they are outdoors and she isn’t nude or wearing lingerie.  Now, I realize she’s drop dead gorgeous and has a body to die for, especially in that swimsuit!  Trust me though, you can do this too!

Meet Laura.  If you’ve been a follower of mine you will recognize her beautiful face.  Laura and I have know each other since high school, and she is really good friends with my sis-in-law.  I have photographed Laura twice.  She is exceptional to work with!  Once you put her in a particular character and/or setting, she transforms into a super model!  I’m always in awe of how she knows exactly how to pose her body.  She makes my job super easy and fun both in front of the lens and during the editing process.

A couple summers ago I had an idea to do a retro pin-up shoot.  I bought a couple items of clothing to use for the session, but most of it I already had.  My sis-in-law, Ashley, and best friend, Nina, also helped with the session.  Nina did Laura’s hair and makeup, which looked amazing!  Ashley is a fashion designer, so I always value her input during sessions, not only on wardrobe, but also posing ideas.  Together, the four of us worked incredibly well together, and the pictures speak for themselves!

I would love to photograph Laura once a month!  Maybe we should make that our goal.  Mark your calendar Laura Lou!!


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Throwback Thursday {Furr Kids}

Our friends have the cutest poodles!  Quigley is the black one, he’s the big brother.  Rigby is the one that looks like a teddy bear.  He joined the family last year.  We met for photos shortly after they brought each pup home, and again for Christmas card photos.  I always say working with dogs is very similar to children!  You have to be fast, fun, and bribe them!

I posted some side-by-sides of when they were both pups.  I believe Quigley was 10 weeks old and Rigby was 8 weeks old.  They both look extra dapper in the bowtie!  Both of these sessions took place right in their backyard.  Next, you’ll see the first set of Christmas photos, before Rigby was born.  I love the colors and textures in those photos.  We chose a local red barn as the backdrop for that session.  Finally, you get to meet the entire happy family with both furr kids!  I LOVE the last two family shots!  Those were taken at Homestead Park in Hilliard.


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Throwback Thursday {The Monn’s}

I have to leave super early tomorrow to catch a flight, but I didn’t want to miss posting my Throwback Thursday feature!  I’m super excited about sharing this family!  My husband and the father, Bob, have been friends since childhood.  He was also a groomsman in our wedding.  He brought Amanda to a wine tasting at our condo about four years ago, and now fast forward to present day, and they are happily married with two beautiful kiddos!  It’s been such a joy watching Bob transform into a dad, and a great one at that!

I’m pleased to introduce you to their youngest kiddo, Miss Lili.  She by far has been the easiest newborn I’ve ever photographed!  It was easy to soothe her, and she was a heavy sleeper, so I was able to pose her with cute props and snap away!  Not to mention how beautiful she is!  My friend, Nina, made those super fancy hats with the feathers for me.  She also made the zebra cocoon and diaper cover.  Who doesn’t love a Buckeye baby?!?  I made sure to add the pom poms, so this little beauty wouldn’t be mistaken as a boy in that cute helmet hat.  These are some of my favorite newborn photos I’ve ever taken!


This past fall we finally met to do photos of the whole family at Inniswoods.  I believe Miss Lili was around seven months, so she was able to sit unsupported so well.  Now, you get to meet their other cutie, Jackson!  He had just celebrated his third birthday.  I love the one of both kids up in the air!  Such a fun family!  I’m blessed to not only have them as clients, but more importantly, as friends.

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Throwback Thursday {The Adams Family}

Last year I really fell behind on my blogging!  So, I’ve decided to use “throwback Thursday” to catch up and share some of the awesome sessions I had last year!  Meet the Adams Family…

This is my sis-in-laws fam.  When I first started this photography journey, they were the first family Shannon and I photographed together.  We went to Kingwood Center in Mansfield, and had a very eventful session due to the weather.  It rained on and off the entire time!  Since we don’t live in Mansfield, we decided to face the weather anyway.  Thankfully, Kingwood had buildings for us to take shelter in, and we were able to get some great photos while inside too.  Below, you can see photos from that session, which I believe was almost five years ago.  While, I’ve grown so much since then, I still love these photos!

This past fall, we met again for the first time since those photos were taken.  I can’t believe it took us so long to update their family photos!  Once again, the weather wasn’t cooperating, but we were able to complete the entire session without getting rained on this time.  This beautiful family would photograph well anywhere, but we were particularly lucky to have such amazing fall colors.  They also nailed it with their outfits!  I always encourage my clients to utilize layers, because it adds character to the photos.

I am in love with how the photos turned out!  My favorite thing about the camera is that it doesn’t lie.  If I’m working with clients that truly aren’t connected to each other, you can tell.  No matter how great the pose and/or location is, you just can’t fake love.  I see so much love in each of these photos!  My nephew was genuinely engaged during the entire session and having a great time!  My niece wasn’t even feeling well that day, but you would never know it!  I even made my sis-in-law tear up during a father-daughter pose.

This past Christmas, one of the photos from this session was enlarged and given to my mother-in-law as a gift.  The waterworks happened again!  She had everyone in the room crying!  So much emotion from looking at one photo.  That’s why I love this job!

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