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Yay!  This is the year you’ve been waiting for since Kindergarden!  These sessions are a lot of fun and I encourage each Senior to choose a setting that will bring out their individual personality.  This could be your high school football field, a park, an abandoned building, an ice skating rink, etc.  If you need help choosing a fun destination we can discuss this together.  The length of these sessions depends on the number of outfit changes and destinations we choose.  Below I’ve listed some helpful tips…



  •  Bring lots of choices
  • Darker jeans and dark colored shirts are the most slimming
  • Make a statement with accessories
  • Some ideas:  purses, shoes (flats, heels, ballet slippers), hats, scarves, unique earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, uniform, sports equipment, instrument, best friend, pets, favorite boyfriend…
  • Remember your hands and feet will be in some of the photos so apply a fresh coat of polish or treat yourself to a mani/pedi
  • Wear makeup just a touch darker than normal, especially your mascara to make your eyes pop, however, do NOT wear your eyeliner darker than normal since it can make your eyes look smaller
  • Try to get rest the day before and don’t plan anything stressful before your shoot
  • Have fun!



  •  Bring lots of choices
  •  Long sleeves alway look nice
  • Solid and bright colors photograph well
  • Darker jeans and colored shirts are most slimming
  • Bring sunglasses, hats, scarves, black and brown belts, instrument, sports equipment, uniform, car, bike, pets, buddies, favorite girlfriend…
  • Hands and feet are sometimes in photos so make sure they are clean
  • Get plenty of rest before the shoot
  • Have fun!