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Mr. Owen

I was a little nervous going into this session, because Owen was almost 3 weeks old. I try to photograph newbies sometime in their first 10 days of life. They still have that newborn curl then and are typically very sleepy. As they get older, and become more alert, it can be more difficult to keep their little arms and legs tucked under them. Owen was a rockstar though! He slept and posed like a champ!

Big bro was not as excited to have his photo taken! Thankfully, it was a warm summer day, so we were able to go outside and capture some candid shots of him. Cookies helped too ūüôā We even brought Owen out for some outdoor shots, and once again, he did fantastic!

I just ordered a HUGE canvas of Owen laying on big bro’s chest. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous those big blue eyes will look! The canvas will be hung inside of a local Dr’s office, which just happens to be the company the mama of these gorgeous boys works for.

I’ll be meeting with this family again in about 2 weeks to capture Owen’s 6 month milestone. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed! Hopefully, we can get big bro in some again too!

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Throwback Thursday {Furr Kids}

Our friends have the cutest poodles! ¬†Quigley is the black one, he’s the big brother. ¬†Rigby is the one that looks like a teddy bear. ¬†He joined the family last year. ¬†We met for photos shortly after they brought each pup home, and again for Christmas card photos. ¬†I always say working with dogs is very similar to children! ¬†You have to be fast, fun, and bribe them!

I posted some side-by-sides of when they were both pups. ¬†I believe Quigley was 10 weeks old and Rigby was 8 weeks old. ¬†They both look extra dapper in the bowtie! ¬†Both of these sessions took place right in their backyard. ¬†Next, you’ll see the first set of Christmas photos, before Rigby was born. ¬†I love the colors and textures in those photos. ¬†We chose a local red barn as the backdrop for that session. ¬†Finally, you get to meet the entire happy family with both furr kids! ¬†I LOVE the last two family shots! ¬†Those were taken at Homestead Park in Hilliard.


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