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Mr. Owen

I was a little nervous going into this session, because Owen was almost 3 weeks old. I try to photograph newbies sometime in their first 10 days of life. They still have that newborn curl then and are typically very sleepy. As they get older, and become more alert, it can be more difficult to keep their little arms and legs tucked under them. Owen was a rockstar though! He slept and posed like a champ!

Big bro was not as excited to have his photo taken! Thankfully, it was a warm summer day, so we were able to go outside and capture some candid shots of him. Cookies helped too ūüôā We even brought Owen out for some outdoor shots, and once again, he did fantastic!

I just ordered a HUGE canvas of Owen laying on big bro’s chest. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous those big blue eyes will look! The canvas will be hung inside of a local Dr’s office, which just happens to be the company the mama of these gorgeous boys works for.

I’ll be meeting with this family again in about 2 weeks to capture Owen’s 6 month milestone. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed! Hopefully, we can get big bro in some again too!

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Emily + Tyler + Princess P

I’m really excited to share this family with you! ¬†I had met Emily and Tyler way before they asked me to photograph them, but I had never spent much one on one time with them. ¬†They are really good friends with my sis in law and we all went to the same high school together. ¬†I remember after we met for the maternity session, I texted my sis in law to say what awesome parents Emily and Tyler were going to be!

The beautiful thing about photographing families is that I get to know them on a different level. ¬†I feel like I should add a disclaimer to my website; WARNING I am going to touch you lol! ¬†This can really freak people out, especially if we’ve never met! ¬†I blame it on my Physical Therapy job that I’m a touchy feely person. ¬†Anyway, I did warn Tyler at the beginning of their maternity session that I would touch him, as I was putting a sonogram photo into his back pocket lol!

These maternity photos almost didn’t happen, because Emily and Tyler weren’t sure they wanted them. ¬†Like most men, spending time on a Sunday being photographed didn’t sound like much fun. ¬†Emily was 34 weeks along when she contacted me, and admitted she also wasn’t crazy about being photographed, but was afraid she would regret it later if she missed out on these special memories. ¬†I couldn’t have agreed with her more, so we found a date that worked in a hurry since we were about a month away from her due date.

Let me tell you, I am soooo happy they changed their minds about these photos, because I love them! Emily and Tyler live in Mansfield, so I was worried at first that if would be difficult for us to find a time to schedule.  It all worked out perfectly though!  I was already going to be in town for a Baptism on a Sunday, so we met in downtown Mansfield that day.  We had such a hot summer, I was also worried about over heating Emily, but it was later in the day when we met and the buildings around us provided lots of shade, so that worked out perfectly too.  We decided a mini session would be perfect, so we spent 30 minutes together and captured so many great photos.


I’m pleased to introduce Miss Peyton, better know as Princess P, to you! ¬†She is four days old in these photos.

I spent about 4-5 hours with Emily and Princess P during the newborn session. ¬†If you’ve ever hired me for a newborn session you know I take my time and move at the baby’s pace, so it does take a while. ¬†This session took longer though, because I visited with Emily for so long. ¬†It was really nice to just sit and talk with her about motherhood, the delivery process, friends, family, etc. ¬†Of course, I loved meeting the princess, but my favorite part of this session was getting to know Emily better.

Miss Peyton did so well during her session! ¬†Once I got her to fall asleep, she was out cold. ¬†Emily, Tyler, and myself are all big OSU fans, so you’ll notice all the different OSU poses. ¬†This is one beautiful baby girl! ¬†She had a perfect complexion and oh my gosh those cheeks killed me! ¬†You really get the full effect of those cheeks when she’s posed on her belly!


This is my favorite photo! ¬†How sweet is that smile?!? ¬†I recently blew this up onto a canvas and hung it in a local Dr’s office. ¬†So, Miss P is famous already and doesn’t even know it!


A huge thanks to Emily and Tyler for allowing me to capture this special time for them! ¬†I hope we’ll be able to work together again in the future!



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Throwback Thursday {The Monn’s}

I have to leave super early tomorrow to catch a flight, but I didn’t want to miss posting my Throwback Thursday feature! ¬†I’m super excited about sharing this family! ¬†My husband and the father, Bob, have been friends since childhood. ¬†He was also a groomsman in our wedding. ¬†He brought Amanda to a wine tasting at our condo about four years ago, and now fast forward to present day, and they are happily married with two beautiful kiddos! ¬†It’s been such a joy watching Bob transform into a dad, and a great one at that!

I’m pleased to introduce you to their youngest kiddo, Miss Lili. ¬†She by far has been the easiest newborn I’ve ever photographed! ¬†It was easy to soothe her, and she was a heavy sleeper, so I was able to pose her with cute props and snap away! ¬†Not to mention how beautiful she is! ¬†My friend, Nina, made those super fancy hats with the feathers for me. ¬†She also made the zebra cocoon and diaper cover. ¬†Who doesn’t love a Buckeye baby?!? ¬†I made sure to add the pom poms, so this little beauty wouldn’t be mistaken as a boy in that cute helmet hat. ¬†These are some of my favorite newborn photos I’ve ever taken!


This past fall we finally met to do photos of the whole family at Inniswoods. ¬†I believe Miss Lili was around seven months, so she was able to sit unsupported so well. ¬†Now, you get to meet their other cutie, Jackson! ¬†He had just celebrated his third birthday. ¬†I love the one of both kids up in the air! ¬†Such a fun family! ¬†I’m blessed to not only have them as clients, but more importantly, as friends.

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