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The {M} Family

The colors in these photos are fabulous! Sometimes, I will ask what families plan to wear if I’m trying to match props. For this particular session, I wasn’t planning to use any props other than the beautiful scenery of the park. We had choose to meet at Inniswoods in Westerville. If you’ve never visited that park you’re missing out! Especially, in the fall! The leaves had just begun to change and fall when we met for this session, and they matched perfectly with their clothing.

This was my second time working with this family. These two kiddos have super fun personalities and are definitely not shy in front of the camera. They actually make my job somewhat easier, because they have their own ideas for the photos!

What a beautiful family! I hope I can work with them for years to come!

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The {K} Family

This family was one of my very first clients in Columbus, ever! I first met Nicole at work. We were paired together as a team. She the Physical Therapist and I the assistant. When I first photographed them, they were a family of three. Well, actually a family of four, because we have to include Bernie, the dog! Their family has grown quite a lot since then.

We decided to meet at Homestead Park again. The park is conveniently located right by our homes and even though we used it for their last session, the park is so big, we just utilized a different area. This was my first time to work with twins! I was nervous about it, but the session went so well. Each one of their little guy’s personalities really shines through the photos. Especially their oldest son! Look for him in the family photos ūüôā

Nicole made those super cute shirts the boys are wearing. She also brought the big wrapped present. All things that made this session even more fun. I love when families bring their own props. It really gives the photos more character and individuality.

Nicole and I both work prn (as needed) at our Physical Therapy jobs, so we don’t see each other often anymore. As I always say, thanks to social networking I can still keep up with her. I always look forward to her funny stories of what the boys are doing or saying!

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Miss Whitney “Sweets”

Since I’m so far behind in blogging, I’m going to share this cuties last two sessions. ¬†I’ve been photographing Miss Whitney since she was in her mama’s tummy. ¬†After her newborn photos, we met for each of her milestones, so I literally watched her grow up in front of the camera. ¬†When I finished her one year session, I felt sad knowing I wouldn’t see her in three months.

The first set of photos is from her nine month session. ¬†This was in August. ¬†We decided since it had been such a hot summer that we would just meet inside at the Franklin Park Conservatory. ¬†These are my favorite photos of her from all of the sessions! ¬†Previously, her mama was disappointed at how serious Whitney was during her photo sessions, since she’s typically a smiley little girl. ¬†That’s why I love this session so much, because we see all sides of her little personality. ¬†The water was her favorite! ¬†The photo of her on her tip-toes, she’s looking into the pond of Japanese Koi. ¬†I didn’t think we’d ever get her away from that spot! ¬†Then, she found the water fountain and realized it was the right height for her to actually touch the water. ¬†She made some hilarious faces in those shots! ¬†My favorite may be the last one, but I love them all.

I am sad though when I look back at how awesome these photos are, because I’m reminded that I can’t photograph inside of the Conservatory anymore. ¬†They no longer offer the photographer membership I had. ¬†My membership expired in November, and it has been very difficult for me to photograph anyone other than newborns and small children because of that. ¬†Hopefully, one day I’ll have a studio and all of that won’t matter! ¬†Until then, here’s Whitney’s awesome nine month photos…


Whitney’s birthday is in November, so you would assume it would be too cold to be outside. ¬†Per Ohio’s typical weird and unpredictable weather, it was actually nice out. ¬†We were able to take some family shots sitting on the front steps of their house. ¬†For Whitney’s solo photos we used some of my backdrops inside of their home. ¬†Her daddy has always called her “sweets” so that was the theme of her party and we incorporated it into the session. ¬†She wasn’t a huge fan of that tutu as you’ll see in the one photo, but as soon as we put candy in front of her she was all smiles! ¬†Whitney stayed true to her “sweets” nickname as she very sweetly offered to share her smarties during the session ūüôā ¬†I also love her little outfit with the Ugg boots. ¬†I always look forward to seeing what mom has picked out for her to model.

I still keep up with Miss Whitney through social media, but as I said, it is weird to not see her every three months. ¬†Maybe she needs a sibling, so I can see them more often again ūüėČ

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Throwback Thursday {Baby Dylan}

I just photographed this family last week, and they are my favorite photos so far! ¬†“Baby Dylan” is now two and his big brother, Cohen, will be turning five soon. ¬†I’ve known their parents for 11 years now. ¬†Brandy and I worked together for a very long time. ¬†The past couple of years, I unfortunately don’t see them that often since we no longer work together.

Almost a year ago, Brandy was involved in a very serious car accident. ¬†Both boys were in the car too. ¬†Fortunately, the boys only had very minor injuries. ¬†Brandy, on the other hand, had several fractures. ¬†We all know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well, the only thing they lost that day was their car, but the fact that they could have lost much much more is a scary thought. ¬†I’ll never forget the look on Nathan’s face when I visited them at the hospital. ¬†He was crouched onto the ground in the hallway with his head in his hands. ¬†When he finally looked at me I knew he was thinking about how close he came to loosing his entire family.

Brandy had a long recovery.  Being a mother of two while wearing a back brace and loosing the use of your left hand was definitely not easy.  She made it though!  When we were together last week she showed me that she has lost some motion in her left wrist, but other than that is doing great considering.

We may not see each other everyday like we use to, or even once a month, but I will always love this family dearly. ¬†With the anniversary of the accident approaching, I’m so honored to be capturing priceless memories for them and reminding everyone how priceless our time here together really is.

Let’s end on a happy note with the first photos of baby Dylan. ¬†This was my first outdoor newborn session. ¬†Dylan did awesome the entire time. ¬†I honestly don’t remember him crying at all! ¬†They have the two cutest little guys!

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Throwback Thursday {The Monn’s}

I have to leave super early tomorrow to catch a flight, but I didn’t want to miss posting my Throwback Thursday feature! ¬†I’m super excited about sharing this family! ¬†My husband and the father, Bob, have been friends since childhood. ¬†He was also a groomsman in our wedding. ¬†He brought Amanda to a wine tasting at our condo about four years ago, and now fast forward to present day, and they are happily married with two beautiful kiddos! ¬†It’s been such a joy watching Bob transform into a dad, and a great one at that!

I’m pleased to introduce you to their youngest kiddo, Miss Lili. ¬†She by far has been the easiest newborn I’ve ever photographed! ¬†It was easy to soothe her, and she was a heavy sleeper, so I was able to pose her with cute props and snap away! ¬†Not to mention how beautiful she is! ¬†My friend, Nina, made those super fancy hats with the feathers for me. ¬†She also made the zebra cocoon and diaper cover. ¬†Who doesn’t love a Buckeye baby?!? ¬†I made sure to add the pom poms, so this little beauty wouldn’t be mistaken as a boy in that cute helmet hat. ¬†These are some of my favorite newborn photos I’ve ever taken!


This past fall we finally met to do photos of the whole family at Inniswoods. ¬†I believe Miss Lili was around seven months, so she was able to sit unsupported so well. ¬†Now, you get to meet their other cutie, Jackson! ¬†He had just celebrated his third birthday. ¬†I love the one of both kids up in the air! ¬†Such a fun family! ¬†I’m blessed to not only have them as clients, but more importantly, as friends.

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Throwback Thursday {The Adams Family}

Last year I really fell behind on my blogging! ¬†So, I’ve decided to use “throwback Thursday” to catch up and share some of the awesome sessions I had last year! ¬†Meet the Adams Family…

This is my sis-in-laws fam. ¬†When I first started this photography journey, they were the first family Shannon and I photographed together. ¬†We went to Kingwood Center in Mansfield, and had a very eventful session due to the weather. ¬†It rained on and off the entire time! ¬†Since we don’t live in Mansfield, we decided to face the weather anyway. ¬†Thankfully, Kingwood had buildings for us to take shelter in, and we were able to get some great photos while inside too. ¬†Below, you can see photos from that session, which I believe was almost five years ago. ¬†While, I’ve grown so much since then, I still love these photos!

This past fall, we met again for the first time since those photos were taken. ¬†I can’t believe it took us so long to update their family photos! ¬†Once again, the weather wasn’t cooperating, but we were able to complete the entire session without getting rained on this time. ¬†This beautiful family would photograph well anywhere, but we were particularly lucky to have such amazing fall colors. ¬†They also nailed it with their outfits! ¬†I always encourage my clients to utilize layers, because it adds character to the photos.

I am in love with how the photos turned out! ¬†My favorite thing about the camera is that it doesn’t lie. ¬†If I’m working with clients that truly aren’t connected to each other, you can tell. ¬†No matter how great the pose and/or location is, you just can’t fake love. ¬†I see so much love in each of these photos! ¬†My nephew was genuinely engaged during the entire session and having a great time! ¬†My niece wasn’t even feeling well that day, but you would never know it! ¬†I even made my sis-in-law tear up during a father-daughter pose.

This past Christmas, one of the photos from this session was enlarged and given to my mother-in-law as a gift. ¬†The waterworks happened again! ¬†She had everyone in the room crying! ¬†So much emotion from looking at one photo. ¬†That’s why I love this job!

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Fletch Man is ONE!

I am so sad that this little man is turning one. ¬†I’ve been photographing him since he was inside mama’s belly, and then every three months after he was born. ¬†His mom, Lindsay, always has super creative ideas for the sessions! ¬†Poor Fletcher has had fake tattoos on his bottom, fake mustaches on his upper lip, and we even wrapped him in Christmas lights! ¬†Needless to say, every session with this family has been a ton of fun, which is why I’m so sad.

Fletcher’s party theme will be Dr. Seuss, so we decided to base his photo session around that too. ¬†All I brought was the backdrop and camera. ¬†Lindsay supplied everything else, because most of it is decor for the party. ¬†Isn’t that banner the cutest?!? ¬†Lindsay made it! ¬†She rocks! ¬†We’ve photographed him in ties every session to keep up with the “old man” theme. ¬†This time, we incorporated those red glasses and they just made the session perfect!

Lindsay is also my primary referral source! ¬†Without her, I wouldn’t be near as successful! ¬†Did I mention that she rocks??

Happy first birthday Fletch Man!

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