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Fletch Man is ONE!

I am so sad that this little man is turning one.  I’ve been photographing him since he was inside mama’s belly, and then every three months after he was born.  His mom, Lindsay, always has super creative ideas for the sessions!  Poor Fletcher has had fake tattoos on his bottom, fake mustaches on his upper lip, and we even wrapped him in Christmas lights!  Needless to say, every session with this family has been a ton of fun, which is why I’m so sad.

Fletcher’s party theme will be Dr. Seuss, so we decided to base his photo session around that too.  All I brought was the backdrop and camera.  Lindsay supplied everything else, because most of it is decor for the party.  Isn’t that banner the cutest?!?  Lindsay made it!  She rocks!  We’ve photographed him in ties every session to keep up with the “old man” theme.  This time, we incorporated those red glasses and they just made the session perfect!

Lindsay is also my primary referral source!  Without her, I wouldn’t be near as successful!  Did I mention that she rocks??

Happy first birthday Fletch Man!

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Mommy & Me

I know I am biased about my clients, but holy beautiful!!  I’ve been working with this lovely family since Miss Camryn was in mama’s belly.  It never gets old watching kiddos grow up in front of my camera lens!

This mommy and me session was a Christmas present from Dad.  We decided to keep it very natural and just capture mom and daughter playing in the nursery.  Camryn is not shy in front of the camera!  So, at first, we had a hard time getting her to look at mommy and not the camera!  After a little patty-cake, reading a Dr. Seuss book, and playing in Camryn’s extensive shoe collection, I was able to capture some great moments.  It was really a lovely way to spend a cold, snowy Monday morning!




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