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Paying it forward with Grandpa…

It’s been a while since I shared a personal blog, but today definitely calls for one!

My day started out filled with unnecessary drama.  I found that a site was posting one of my photos as advertisement for their product without my knowledge.  As a small business owner, I feel that typically this community is all about supporting each other and giving credit where it’s due, but not this site.  Long story short, I ended up asking the person to take my photo down since they would not cooperate.

I then started my journey to Mansfield for a dentist appointment.  I travel all the way there, because I love my dental assistant so much.  She’s like family to me.  On the way there, a semi refused to let me merge onto the highway, so pretty much ran me off of the road.  The rest of my drive was uneventful and my dental visit went well, thank God!

After my dentist visits I usually meet my Grandpa for lunch.  We typically eat at Cracker Barrel, but he picked Mansfield Restaurant this time.  I noticed as we were eating, the table across from us was staring out of the window.  I didn’t say anything, but thought maybe there was a car accident or someone had fell.  Since the table didn’t react, only stared, I finished my lunch without saying anything.  We payed and headed out to the car to leave when we saw what the table had been staring at.  A man had fallen down on the passenger side of his car, which happened to be right beside my car.  There was a woman trying to help him up, but not succeeding.  My Grandpa immediately went over to try and help the man, but I stopped him quickly.  He has a bum knee himself and definitely shouldn’t be lifting anyone off of the ground.  Thankfully, I had my gait belt in the back of my car.  For you non-PT’s, a gait belt is what we use at work to transfer patients.  After placing my belt around the man, I then instructed my Grandpa how we were going to lift him without injuring ourselves.  I also told the man he was going to have to come up onto one of his knees to help us.  The transfer went smoothly, and we were able to walk the man to the drivers side and let him sit down.  The man stated he had just came from a Dr’s visit where he checked out fine.  Ummmm, time to switch Dr’s I think!  The man stated he was diabetic so maybe that was what caused him to fall.  My Grandpa stayed with him and I went back into the restaurant to get him orange juice.  We didn’t want him to attempt to drive, and an ambulance ride is so expensive, but we also didn’t want to just leave him there.  So, he told us where his son was working near by and Grandpa and I drove there to find him.  Of course, he wasn’t working, but his co-worker said he would call him and tell him his dad needed help.  Grandpa and I headed back to the restaurant parking lot to inform the man his son was being contacted.  As we were about to pull away, Grandpa and I looked at each other with uneasy feelings.  We thought, what if they forget to call his son and this poor man waits here forever?  What if he has a heart attack in his car in the parking lot?  What if he attempts to drive somewhere and gets in an accident?  So, we asked the man for his son’s address so we could personally go get him.  Thankfully, it was close by.  When we arrived at his son’s house he had already been notified by his co-worker and was just on his way out to go help his dad.  I hope the man got home ok and is doing fine.

Grandpa and I laughed on the way home that this would only happen to us!  He said maybe he and I should start a service together, since we worked so well as a team assisting the man.  I know Grandpa and I were at the right place at the right time today, and I feel thankful to have been able to help and to have this story now.  After starting my day out dealing with people who were not paying it forward, I feel very grounded and happy to say that Grandpa and I definitely did.

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A Grandpa’s Love…

Today is my Grandpa’s birthday!!  He doesn’t even own a computer, so he’ll never see this post, but that’s ok.  We went home to Mansfield over the weekend to see him since I’ll only be able to talk to him on the phone today.  It makes me very sad that we aren’t closer distance wise anymore.  You see, my mom and I lived across the street from my Grandma and Grandpa.  I literally saw them everyday of my  life.  When my Grandma passed away, I even moved in with him for about a year.  When I finally moved back in with my mom, Shannon, who was just my awesome boyfriend back then, stayed the night with him every Friday and Saturday for about six months.

When we visited with him Saturday, he was telling us how he’ll occasionally stop into this ice cream shop and get a cone and eat it in the car.  My heart was literally broken hearing that.  Even though we are only one hour away from each other, it’s just too far to swing by and have ice cream together.  Which, when I was younger, we ate almost every night together.  Needless to say, he was my father figure.  If you have read “meet the sevens” on the website, you already know that we were married on my grandparents wedding anniversary, and my Grandpa gave me away.  I wanted to share a couple of my favorite photos from that special day.  My favorite is the one of us on the horse and carriage.  Doesn’t he look like Johnny Cash and Elvis!  I love it!  Since he gave me away, we had the whole carriage ride into the ceremony to be alone, and of course we talked about Grandma.  It was a very special moment for us.  The photo of us dancing was during the “father-daughter” dance.  I chose, Grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days, by the Judds.  Yet another very special moment for us where once again we talked some about Grandma.

Even though I’m only 30, my Grandpa is the only grandparent I have left.  I don’t like this reality.  He just recently won a battle against cancer.  Which is great that he’s currently cancer free, but also makes it even more apparent that our time together will eventually come to an end.

Recently, one of my good friends lost her Grandpa.  He lived to be 90 years old, which is amazing, but anyone who has lost someone close to them knows that no matter the age or circumstance, it’s never easy to say goodbye.  He also was able to attend her wedding, which is a great memory for her to have.  I wanted to share my favorite photo from her special day in honor of her Grandpa.  Aren’t those smiles contagious!  RIP Bob Huston

For the record, I don’t intend to be Debbie downer when I write personal blogs.  I do, however, want anyone fortunate enough to have Grandparents to realize how precious time is with them.  Maybe you live too far away to see them often, but a phone call, email, letter, or whatever form of communication your Grandparent can use, will make their day.  If you live close enough to have an ice cream date together, that is what I would do!  I ordered that photo above on a plaque for my friend.  Below the photo, I put a quote, “A Grandpa is someone you never outgrow your need for…”  On that note, I’m going to call my own and see how his birthday is going!

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