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Aidan {4}

This little guy is just the cutest!

We met at Homestead Park for a mini session to capture his fourth year milestone. It always takes a little while for the kiddos to warm up to me. By the end of the session, he was making his own poses and picking his own locations for the photos! I’m so glad mom jumped into some of the photos, because they are some of my favorites. Especially, the last one on the blanket. Several of that shot turned out great and in each one he had his little hand on mom’s face or in her hair. So precious!


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The {K} Family

This family was one of my very first clients in Columbus, ever! I first met Nicole at work. We were paired together as a team. She the Physical Therapist and I the assistant. When I first photographed them, they were a family of three. Well, actually a family of four, because we have to include Bernie, the dog! Their family has grown quite a lot since then.

We decided to meet at Homestead Park again. The park is conveniently located right by our homes and even though we used it for their last session, the park is so big, we just utilized a different area. This was my first time to work with twins! I was nervous about it, but the session went so well. Each one of their little guy’s personalities really shines through the photos. Especially their oldest son! Look for him in the family photos ūüôā

Nicole made those super cute shirts the boys are wearing. She also brought the big wrapped present. All things that made this session even more fun. I love when families bring their own props. It really gives the photos more character and individuality.

Nicole and I both work prn (as needed) at our Physical Therapy jobs, so we don’t see each other often anymore. As I always say, thanks to social networking I can still keep up with her. I always look forward to her funny stories of what the boys are doing or saying!

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Little D is 3

I’ve been photographing Little D since he was born, and let me tell you, those photos were awful lol! Thank goodness his mama has been my friend since high school or I don’t think she would have ever asked me to photograph her kids again! ¬†I can definitely see my growth when I look back through their photos.

This photo session was to capture Little D turning three. ¬†It was crazy hot out this day. ¬†Basically, last summer it either rained or was 100 degrees. We met at Homestead Park since it’s so close to both of us. ¬†I also wanted to meet there so we could still use the covered bridge if it rained. ¬†Little D was not into having his photo made at first! ¬†We finally got some adorable smiles out of him though. ¬†You’ll see little brother, Ellis, in the family shots. ¬†I believe he was two months old at the time.

That orange couch they’re sitting on is one of my favorite props! ¬†It sits in my sun room and has a matching chair and ottoman that I also love to use. ¬†We recently looked at buying me a new car that was beautiful, but that couch wouldn’t have fit in the back. ¬†You know you’re officially a prop junkie when you turn down a fabulous new car because all of your props won’t fit into the back!

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Kamden {6 months}

This was my first time working with this cutie! ¬†We met over the summer at Homestead Park for a mini session to capture his six month milestone. ¬†If you’ve never taken advantage of my mini sessions, they are the perfect amount of time for kiddos. ¬†I do limit the locations for these sessions, so contact me for more info.

Kamden was so easy to work with!  I used some of my vintage props for this session just to give him a little extra support when sitting.  Occasionally, a six month old can sit safely, but typically they are a tad wobbly still.  I love the photos of him sitting in the grass with the tie on!  He would pull out as much grass as his little hand could hold then try to shove it directly into his mouth.  Boys will be boys!

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Ashlee {Maternity}

Per my typical style, I have fallen way behind on my blog!  I think this post is a great way to start out the new year though!

My neighbor, Ashlee, contacted me to have maternity photos taken as a surprise Christmas gift for her hubby, Kyle. ¬†The day we met was miserably cold and windy, but she was a trooper! ¬†We ended the session with the only photo she had specifically requested. ¬†She had forgot to bring an example to show me, so we just went from her memory. ¬†She told me Kyle really liked a maternity photo of his own mother and she would like to re-create it. ¬†Ashlee said she just needed to stand in front of a tree and look down at her belly to simulate her mother-in-law’s photo. ¬†Since I had nothing to compare the photo too, I would snap a few then show Ashlee the back of the camera so she could make adjustments to the pose.

Christmas came and went and I anxiously waited to hear how the surprise had went.  Of course, Kyle loved the photos!  What I learned after the fact, about that last photo we took, touched my soul.

Kyle’s mother is deceased, and that’s why this photo was so meaningful to re-create. ¬†The original photo was taken the day before she delivered Kyle, in front of a tree in the front yard of the house they lived in at that time. ¬†Ashlee put the original photo and the one I took of her in a frame and presented it to Kyle on Christmas. ¬†She then told me the plan is to hang that frame over the baby’s bed in the nursery, so Grandma can always watch over their little girl. ¬†I am typing this with blurred vision as I hold back the tears! ¬†What an amazing wife and mommy Ashlee is and will be!

I obviously always want my clients to be happy with their photos, but after learning the full story behind this particular photo, I was terrified I hadn’t done full justice to the original since I had never seen it. ¬†Ashlee sent me a photo of the frame she had made, and we definitely have the distance off from the tree to her body. ¬†I obsessed over that flaw for a minute, then I realized, it didn’t matter. ¬†Even though I wasn’t present when Kyle opened this gift, I know the first thing that entered his mind was not the error in distance.

A huge thanks to Ashlee for allowing me to capture such a precious time in her life! ¬†Also, a huge congrats to Ashlee and Kyle as they welcomed their little girl into the world last week! ¬†She is quite the beauty, like Grandma was, I’m sure.

The photo below is the one this post is about…

These are some of my favorites from the session…

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The Beautiful Nadja

Meet our friend, Nadja.  She was a foreign exchange student during our senior year of high school.  After graduation, she moved back to Germany and we lost touch until Facebook brought us back together.  I was really excited when Nadja contacted me to say she was returning to the USA for a vacation and would like to meet up for a photo session.

We had a great time during the photo shoot catching up on the past 13 years of our lives. ¬†I also met Nadja’s mom for the first time, which was a real treat! ¬†We continued the reunion at dinner that evening. ¬†I choose Oscar’s in Dublin. ¬†It’s my favorite restaurant, because I love the salmon dish. ¬†I highly recommend them if you live in the area. ¬†My hubby and a couple other high school friends were able to join us for dinner too. ¬†It was a lovely evening!

We get to reconnect with Nadja again at the end of July for our mutual friend’s wedding. ¬†Two times in one year after not seeing each for over a decade! ¬†Very excited!!

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Miss Whitney {6 months}

I can’t believe Miss Whitney is growing up so fast! ¬†I’ve been photographing this little lady since she was in mama’s belly. ¬†This was our first outdoor session together, and aside from the wind, it was a perfect day.

We’ve had a theme of photographing the whole family on a couch since the maternity session, so I packed up our orange retro couch and placed it in the middle of the trees at the park. ¬†Mom always says Whitney is the smiliest little girl until I meet with them! ¬†I tend to like serious baby faces, but I always reassure mom that Whitney does give me some great smiles, as you’ll see from the photos below.

Whitney has the sweetest little face and such gorgeous eyes. ¬†It doesn’t hurt either that mom keeps her looking like a fashionista! ¬†I always look forward to seeing what outfits she’ll be modeling for her photo sessions. ¬†Some people never grasp the idea of layering clothing, but at only 6 months old, Whit is mastering it!

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Branch + Barry = Family

Heather and I have been friends since we were both in diapers. ¬†She’s one of those friends that even though you may only see each other a couple times a year, it doesn’t matter. ¬†We always pick right back up, and thanks to Facebook, we are able to stay involved in each others everyday lives.

Hubby and I photographed Heather’s wedding a couple years ago. ¬†Now they are celebrating another great event. ¬†Heather’s hubby, Andrew just graduated from OSU with his Masters degree. ¬†Yay Andrew!! ¬†She contacted me for this photo session, because both of their families were coming into Columbus to celebrate Andrew’s big accomplishment. ¬†This was the largest group of people I’ve ever photographed! ¬†I was so worried the weather wouldn’t cooperate, because I had no idea where to take 18 people for an indoor session. ¬†Thankfully, aside from it being windy, the weather was perfect!

After completing the session, Heather dropped the news on me that her and Andrew were moving to the Cleveland area ūüôĀ ¬†I am very excited for them to begin this new journey in their lives, but very sad that she’s so far away from me now. ¬†Those couple visits a year with her will now be significantly decreased. ¬†Needless to say, I’m so happy we were able to spend as much time as we did for this photo session. ¬†Andrew and Heather made the big move last week. ¬†I wish you guys nothing but the best! ¬†Miss you already xoxo!

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Gaige {2}

I’ve been photographing this cutie since he was a newbie! ¬†It’s always amazing to watch kiddos grow up in front of the camera. ¬†Mom and I had decided to try and capture some fun superhero photos of Gaige in a cape and underwear.¬† Gaige was really comfy in only his undies lol, but he hated the cape! ¬†Thankfully dad was there to airplane him high in the sky for the true flying effect, and also got him to smile ūüôā ¬†I just love that butt shot! ¬†I told Mom to keep it for when he starts dating lol!

That really cute Superman banner was made by my mom-in-law.  Typically, banners are hard to use outside, because of the wind.  I got smart this time though, and taped it down to the barn.  Problem solved!

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