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Miss Whitney “Sweets”

Since I’m so far behind in blogging, I’m going to share this cuties last two sessions.  I’ve been photographing Miss Whitney since she was in her mama’s tummy.  After her newborn photos, we met for each of her milestones, so I literally watched her grow up in front of the camera.  When I finished her one year session, I felt sad knowing I wouldn’t see her in three months.

The first set of photos is from her nine month session.  This was in August.  We decided since it had been such a hot summer that we would just meet inside at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  These are my favorite photos of her from all of the sessions!  Previously, her mama was disappointed at how serious Whitney was during her photo sessions, since she’s typically a smiley little girl.  That’s why I love this session so much, because we see all sides of her little personality.  The water was her favorite!  The photo of her on her tip-toes, she’s looking into the pond of Japanese Koi.  I didn’t think we’d ever get her away from that spot!  Then, she found the water fountain and realized it was the right height for her to actually touch the water.  She made some hilarious faces in those shots!  My favorite may be the last one, but I love them all.

I am sad though when I look back at how awesome these photos are, because I’m reminded that I can’t photograph inside of the Conservatory anymore.  They no longer offer the photographer membership I had.  My membership expired in November, and it has been very difficult for me to photograph anyone other than newborns and small children because of that.  Hopefully, one day I’ll have a studio and all of that won’t matter!  Until then, here’s Whitney’s awesome nine month photos…


Whitney’s birthday is in November, so you would assume it would be too cold to be outside.  Per Ohio’s typical weird and unpredictable weather, it was actually nice out.  We were able to take some family shots sitting on the front steps of their house.  For Whitney’s solo photos we used some of my backdrops inside of their home.  Her daddy has always called her “sweets” so that was the theme of her party and we incorporated it into the session.  She wasn’t a huge fan of that tutu as you’ll see in the one photo, but as soon as we put candy in front of her she was all smiles!  Whitney stayed true to her “sweets” nickname as she very sweetly offered to share her smarties during the session 🙂  I also love her little outfit with the Ugg boots.  I always look forward to seeing what mom has picked out for her to model.

I still keep up with Miss Whitney through social media, but as I said, it is weird to not see her every three months.  Maybe she needs a sibling, so I can see them more often again 😉

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The Lay Family

The winter months are always slow for me in the photography world, because I don’t have a studio.  I’ll mostly be working my Physical Therapy job and photographing newborns only until Spring arrives.  The plus side is that maybe I can get my blog caught up!

Meet the Lay family.  I photographed them for the first time when their son was 18 months old.  Now, they have a little girl, so we meet again to capture family photos at her 18 month milestone.

We met at the Franklin Park Conservatory for the photo session.  Prior to the session, mom had told me that her little girl loved shoes.  I was so excited about this!  I have a purple high heel shoe chair that I knew would be perfect for this session!  We did all of the family photos first, then ended with the shoe chair.  I also brought a couple pairs of my shoes for her to play with.  We didn’t get very many smiles with the shoes, because she was so focused on trying them on.  Father’s Day was right around the corner when we met for photos, so I took a special sign for a father-daughter photo.  It turned out super cute!

I love how the photos show each child’s individual personality.  Their son is a jokester, which you can really see in his spiderman photos!  While their daughter is more on the serious side.  I always really like serious photos of children, so I love all of her photos.

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Ashlee {Maternity}

Per my typical style, I have fallen way behind on my blog!  I think this post is a great way to start out the new year though!

My neighbor, Ashlee, contacted me to have maternity photos taken as a surprise Christmas gift for her hubby, Kyle.  The day we met was miserably cold and windy, but she was a trooper!  We ended the session with the only photo she had specifically requested.  She had forgot to bring an example to show me, so we just went from her memory.  She told me Kyle really liked a maternity photo of his own mother and she would like to re-create it.  Ashlee said she just needed to stand in front of a tree and look down at her belly to simulate her mother-in-law’s photo.  Since I had nothing to compare the photo too, I would snap a few then show Ashlee the back of the camera so she could make adjustments to the pose.

Christmas came and went and I anxiously waited to hear how the surprise had went.  Of course, Kyle loved the photos!  What I learned after the fact, about that last photo we took, touched my soul.

Kyle’s mother is deceased, and that’s why this photo was so meaningful to re-create.  The original photo was taken the day before she delivered Kyle, in front of a tree in the front yard of the house they lived in at that time.  Ashlee put the original photo and the one I took of her in a frame and presented it to Kyle on Christmas.  She then told me the plan is to hang that frame over the baby’s bed in the nursery, so Grandma can always watch over their little girl.  I am typing this with blurred vision as I hold back the tears!  What an amazing wife and mommy Ashlee is and will be!

I obviously always want my clients to be happy with their photos, but after learning the full story behind this particular photo, I was terrified I hadn’t done full justice to the original since I had never seen it.  Ashlee sent me a photo of the frame she had made, and we definitely have the distance off from the tree to her body.  I obsessed over that flaw for a minute, then I realized, it didn’t matter.  Even though I wasn’t present when Kyle opened this gift, I know the first thing that entered his mind was not the error in distance.

A huge thanks to Ashlee for allowing me to capture such a precious time in her life!  Also, a huge congrats to Ashlee and Kyle as they welcomed their little girl into the world last week!  She is quite the beauty, like Grandma was, I’m sure.

The photo below is the one this post is about…

These are some of my favorites from the session…

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Natalie {2}

I photographed this cutie for her first birthday and the photos came out absolutely amazing!  So, I was really looking forward to working with her again!  Now that she’s more mobile, she definitely made me work harder for the photos lol!  We decided to use the inside of the Franklin Park Conservatory for this session.  The butterfly exhibit was out, so a lot of those serious face photos you’ll see are her staring at them.  We spent most of our time in the butterfly room chasing Natalie, because she was chasing the butterflies!  I think she liked playing in the water fountain more though.  She really wanted to get into that water!

You’ll notice most of Natalie’s photos were taken while she was on the move.  This is the reason why I don’t photograph in a studio.  When I say I will follow your kiddo around and capture them in a natural way, this is exactly what I mean.  Sure, we tried to coax Natalie into some poses, but pretty much this is all her own personality showing through in each photo.

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Miss Whitney {6 months}

I can’t believe Miss Whitney is growing up so fast!  I’ve been photographing this little lady since she was in mama’s belly.  This was our first outdoor session together, and aside from the wind, it was a perfect day.

We’ve had a theme of photographing the whole family on a couch since the maternity session, so I packed up our orange retro couch and placed it in the middle of the trees at the park.  Mom always says Whitney is the smiliest little girl until I meet with them!  I tend to like serious baby faces, but I always reassure mom that Whitney does give me some great smiles, as you’ll see from the photos below.

Whitney has the sweetest little face and such gorgeous eyes.  It doesn’t hurt either that mom keeps her looking like a fashionista!  I always look forward to seeing what outfits she’ll be modeling for her photo sessions.  Some people never grasp the idea of layering clothing, but at only 6 months old, Whit is mastering it!

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Josie {2}

Miss Josie was only five weeks old when I started photographing her!  I worked with her mama for a long time, so now it’s really nice to be able to catch up during our photo sessions together.  We decided to go to the Franklin Park Conservatory for this session, since the weather in Ohio is terrible right now.  The conservatory had just put out their orchid exhibit and it was so beautiful.  You will also see some of the beautiful chihuly glass in one of the photos.  Josie wasn’t really a fan of having her photo taken that day, but I still got some great shots of her!

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Miss Leah is ONE!

All of my kiddos are turning one!  Miss Leah is another little one that I’ve been photographing every three months, so once again this was a bitter sweet session.  Leah is a Valentine baby, so we made sure to incorporate some Valentine props into her session.  Typically, she’s serious during our sessions together, but not this time!  She was full of great smiles and flailing arms to show how excited she was about turning one!

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