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The {M} Family

The colors in these photos are fabulous! Sometimes, I will ask what families plan to wear if I’m trying to match props. For this particular session, I wasn’t planning to use any props other than the beautiful scenery of the park. We had choose to meet at Inniswoods in Westerville. If you’ve never visited that park you’re missing out! Especially, in the fall! The leaves had just begun to change and fall when we met for this session, and they matched perfectly with their clothing.

This was my second time working with this family. These two kiddos have super fun personalities and are definitely not shy in front of the camera. They actually make my job somewhat easier, because they have their own ideas for the photos!

What a beautiful family! I hope I can work with them for years to come!

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The {K} Family

This family was one of my very first clients in Columbus, ever! I first met Nicole at work. We were paired together as a team. She the Physical Therapist and I the assistant. When I first photographed them, they were a family of three. Well, actually a family of four, because we have to include Bernie, the dog! Their family has grown quite a lot since then.

We decided to meet at Homestead Park again. The park is conveniently located right by our homes and even though we used it for their last session, the park is so big, we just utilized a different area. This was my first time to work with twins! I was nervous about it, but the session went so well. Each one of their little guy’s personalities really shines through the photos. Especially their oldest son! Look for him in the family photos ūüôā

Nicole made those super cute shirts the boys are wearing. She also brought the big wrapped present. All things that made this session even more fun. I love when families bring their own props. It really gives the photos more character and individuality.

Nicole and I both work prn (as needed) at our Physical Therapy jobs, so we don’t see each other often anymore. As I always say, thanks to social networking I can still keep up with her. I always look forward to her funny stories of what the boys are doing or saying!

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Mr. Owen

I was a little nervous going into this session, because Owen was almost 3 weeks old. I try to photograph newbies sometime in their first 10 days of life. They still have that newborn curl then and are typically very sleepy. As they get older, and become more alert, it can be more difficult to keep their little arms and legs tucked under them. Owen was a rockstar though! He slept and posed like a champ!

Big bro was not as excited to have his photo taken! Thankfully, it was a warm summer day, so we were able to go outside and capture some candid shots of him. Cookies helped too ūüôā We even brought Owen out for some outdoor shots, and once again, he did fantastic!

I just ordered a HUGE canvas of Owen laying on big bro’s chest. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous those big blue eyes will look! The canvas will be hung inside of a local Dr’s office, which just happens to be the company the mama of these gorgeous boys works for.

I’ll be meeting with this family again in about 2 weeks to capture Owen’s 6 month milestone. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed! Hopefully, we can get big bro in some again too!

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Maddie & Ryder {urban sibling session}

I love, love, love what I’m about to share with you! ¬†I have been working with this family for quite some time now. ¬†They keep up with their kiddos photos more than any family I know! ¬†We not only meet for milestones, but also for holidays and special occasions like dance recitals. ¬†My only complaint is that I have NEVER been able to convince mom and dad to jump into a photo! ¬†At this particular session I really tried to get a family photo, but was shot down, again! ¬†Mom has promised me that eventually they will!

They chose my favorite destination for this photo session, North Bank Park. ¬†Not only are these kids crazy cute, but how can you not love that skyline behind them?!? ¬†Miss Maddie always has a fabulous dress on and is always willing to show me a “Maddie pose” or one of her dance poses. ¬†Ryder needs a little more work to get a smile, but I never force smiles from him, because his serious face is adorable. ¬†Check out his shoes in the photos! ¬†So cute!

Typically, when I meet families here, mom and dad try very hard to keep the kids out of the water, but not this family!  At the end of the session, the kids were allowed to play in the water and I absolutely love the photos that came from it!  They were so cute running around chasing the water as it shot up into the air.  Especially, when the realized they could put their feet over the holes to stop the water.

I’m having some withdraw from not seeing this family in a couple months! ¬†They had to cancel their last session due to sickness, so we won’t meet again until the weather breaks in either spring or summer. ¬†I always look forward to it though!

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Mr. Ellis {8 days}

I’m pleased to introduce Mr. Ellis to the world! ¬†This cutie is the second child of one of my high school friends. ¬†We were close to missing the 10 day window that I like to photograph newborns in, because our schedules didn’t coordinate. ¬†Since she lives close to me, I just stopped over one day and did an impromptu session. ¬†Of course, Ellis was sound asleep until I started posing him. ¬†Finally, we decided to take him outside in hopes that the heat would put him back to sleep. ¬†Tadaa!! ¬†The heat did the trick and he fell right to sleep making those precious belly poses easy to get. ¬†Unfortunately, his big brother wasn’t as fond of the photo shoot, but we still got a really cute one of them together.

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Throwback Thursday {Baby Dylan}

I just photographed this family last week, and they are my favorite photos so far! ¬†“Baby Dylan” is now two and his big brother, Cohen, will be turning five soon. ¬†I’ve known their parents for 11 years now. ¬†Brandy and I worked together for a very long time. ¬†The past couple of years, I unfortunately don’t see them that often since we no longer work together.

Almost a year ago, Brandy was involved in a very serious car accident. ¬†Both boys were in the car too. ¬†Fortunately, the boys only had very minor injuries. ¬†Brandy, on the other hand, had several fractures. ¬†We all know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well, the only thing they lost that day was their car, but the fact that they could have lost much much more is a scary thought. ¬†I’ll never forget the look on Nathan’s face when I visited them at the hospital. ¬†He was crouched onto the ground in the hallway with his head in his hands. ¬†When he finally looked at me I knew he was thinking about how close he came to loosing his entire family.

Brandy had a long recovery.  Being a mother of two while wearing a back brace and loosing the use of your left hand was definitely not easy.  She made it though!  When we were together last week she showed me that she has lost some motion in her left wrist, but other than that is doing great considering.

We may not see each other everyday like we use to, or even once a month, but I will always love this family dearly. ¬†With the anniversary of the accident approaching, I’m so honored to be capturing priceless memories for them and reminding everyone how priceless our time here together really is.

Let’s end on a happy note with the first photos of baby Dylan. ¬†This was my first outdoor newborn session. ¬†Dylan did awesome the entire time. ¬†I honestly don’t remember him crying at all! ¬†They have the two cutest little guys!

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Miss Amelia {4 days}

I’m pleased to introduce Miss Amelia to the world! ¬†She is the precious baby girl of our friends, Dan and Kelly. ¬†You should recognize this family from previous blog posts, because I photograph their oldest, Preston.

When we visited them at the hospital Amelia was one day old, and I almost wished I had brought some stuff to photograph her there, because she was so sleepy and squishy.  At only four days old though, she did pretty awesome!  We used my make-shift studio,which is the sun room of our home for the photos.  She fought me every time I placed her on her belly, but once I got her comfy there, we could have left her there all day.  Most of my props were too big for tiny Amelia.  No worries though, they live right down the road from us, so I can photograph her anytime I want!

We were so proud of big brother who posed so preciously with his little sister.  Mom and dad were right beside me during those shots just in case Preston decided he was done modeling with his sister!  Safety is always priority!

I often think how crazy it is that so many of our friends that we’ve known for 10+ years are now families of four. ¬†Just another reality of how old I actually am!

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Maddie & Ryder

I believe this is the fourth time I’ve photographed these adorable kiddos! ¬†I was so worried the day we were meeting, because the forecast predicted rain the entire day. ¬†Plus, I had heard rumbles of thunder in the distance about three hours before the session. ¬†Thankfully though, mother nature was on our side! ¬†Despite some pretty strong wind, it was a very successful session.

I absolutely LOVED Miss Maddie’s outfit! ¬†She knew how to work it too! ¬†I don’t think she ever put her purse down unless I asked her to. ¬†I was amazed at how grown up little Ryder was at this session. ¬†He was so tall, and walking and talking the entire time. ¬†Both kiddos have amazing eyes! ¬†I was happy we chose Homestead Park for the photo location, because of the blue train there. ¬†That blue against Ryder’s eyes was amazing! ¬†The wagon I used was my hubby’s when he was a little boy. ¬†It’s so noisy and missing one of the red side pieces, but I just love the vintage feel of it. ¬†I put a quilt on the bottom of it that was my Grandma’s to protect them from getting dirty. ¬†Even without all of the sentimental pieces, that photo of Maddie kissing her brother in the wagon is my all-time favorite!

I keep telling mom and dad they need to jump into the photos sometime! ¬†As many times as I’ve met with them, they’ve never taken a family photo. ¬†Maybe I can convince them this summer!

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