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Jaxson {18 months}

This is the third time I’ve photographed Jaxson.  His mom always says Jaxson and I make a great team and I think she’s right on!  His photos always come out so great.  I mean, it doesn’t hurt that he has blue eyes that will melt your heart either!

We had originally planned to meet outdoors at a park, but it was cold and rainy that day, so we ended up at the Franklin Park Conservatory.  The butterfly exhibit is back, so while it was almost impossible to photograph in that particular room, I did get some great butterfly shots.

Jaxson’s mom brought so many cute props to use including a hat, and my favorite, a superhero shirt and mask.  He wasn’t really into wearing any of it, but with the help of mom singing and showing Jaxson just how cool wearing the mask was, we got some great shots!

We’ve already got our next session scheduled together in October.  I can’t wait!

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Gaige {2}

I’ve been photographing this cutie since he was a newbie!  It’s always amazing to watch kiddos grow up in front of the camera.  Mom and I had decided to try and capture some fun superhero photos of Gaige in a cape and underwear.  Gaige was really comfy in only his undies lol, but he hated the cape!  Thankfully dad was there to airplane him high in the sky for the true flying effect, and also got him to smile 🙂  I just love that butt shot!  I told Mom to keep it for when he starts dating lol!

That really cute Superman banner was made by my mom-in-law.  Typically, banners are hard to use outside, because of the wind.  I got smart this time though, and taped it down to the barn.  Problem solved!

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