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Mr. Owen

I was a little nervous going into this session, because Owen was almost 3 weeks old. I try to photograph newbies sometime in their first 10 days of life. They still have that newborn curl then and are typically very sleepy. As they get older, and become more alert, it can be more difficult to keep their little arms and legs tucked under them. Owen was a rockstar though! He slept and posed like a champ!

Big bro was not as excited to have his photo taken! Thankfully, it was a warm summer day, so we were able to go outside and capture some candid shots of him. Cookies helped too ūüôā We even brought Owen out for some outdoor shots, and once again, he did fantastic!

I just ordered a HUGE canvas of Owen laying on big bro’s chest. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous those big blue eyes will look! The canvas will be hung inside of a local Dr’s office, which just happens to be the company the mama of these gorgeous boys works for.

I’ll be meeting with this family again in about 2 weeks to capture Owen’s 6 month milestone. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed! Hopefully, we can get big bro in some again too!

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Grayson is ONE!

We met this family through a mutual friend quite some time ago, but this was our first time working together. ¬†They decided to have some family photos taken to celebrate their little guy turning one. ¬†We had a terribly hot summer, and this day was no different. ¬†They were troopers though the entire time, so you’d never know it was in the 90’s and we were all covered in sweat! ¬†You can see, in some of the photos, just how hazy it was.

We decided to meet at the Park of Roses.  The bad thing about this park is the lack of shade on such a hot day, but it is a beautiful choice for photo sessions.  We were tempted to jump into that fountain to cool off!

The boys did awesome during the session! ¬†Grayson was smiley the whole time and Tristan was my little assistant! ¬†It’s always so nice when it’s obvious that families are enjoying their photo session. ¬†Especially, since many of them admit they weren’t looking forward to having their photos taken ūüôā

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Kamden {6 months}

This was my first time working with this cutie! ¬†We met over the summer at Homestead Park for a mini session to capture his six month milestone. ¬†If you’ve never taken advantage of my mini sessions, they are the perfect amount of time for kiddos. ¬†I do limit the locations for these sessions, so contact me for more info.

Kamden was so easy to work with!  I used some of my vintage props for this session just to give him a little extra support when sitting.  Occasionally, a six month old can sit safely, but typically they are a tad wobbly still.  I love the photos of him sitting in the grass with the tie on!  He would pull out as much grass as his little hand could hold then try to shove it directly into his mouth.  Boys will be boys!

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The Lay Family

The winter months are always slow for me in the photography world, because I don’t have a studio. ¬†I’ll mostly be working my Physical Therapy job and photographing newborns only until Spring arrives. ¬†The plus side is that maybe I can get my blog caught up!

Meet the Lay family.  I photographed them for the first time when their son was 18 months old.  Now, they have a little girl, so we meet again to capture family photos at her 18 month milestone.

We met at the Franklin Park Conservatory for the photo session. ¬†Prior to the session, mom had told me that her little girl loved shoes. ¬†I was so excited about this! ¬†I have a purple high heel shoe chair that I knew would be perfect for this session! ¬†We did all of the family photos first, then ended with the shoe chair. ¬†I also brought a couple pairs of my shoes for her to play with. ¬†We didn’t get very many smiles with the shoes, because she was so focused on trying them on. ¬†Father’s Day was right around the corner when we met for photos, so I took a special sign for a father-daughter photo. ¬†It turned out super cute!

I love how the photos show each child’s individual personality. ¬†Their son is a jokester, which you can really see in his spiderman photos! ¬†While their daughter is more on the serious side. ¬†I always really like serious photos of children, so I love all of her photos.

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Fletch Man is ONE!

I am so sad that this little man is turning one. ¬†I’ve been photographing him since he was inside mama’s belly, and then every three months after he was born. ¬†His mom, Lindsay, always has super creative ideas for the sessions! ¬†Poor Fletcher has had fake tattoos on his bottom, fake mustaches on his upper lip, and we even wrapped him in Christmas lights! ¬†Needless to say, every session with this family has been a ton of fun, which is why I’m so sad.

Fletcher’s party theme will be Dr. Seuss, so we decided to base his photo session around that too. ¬†All I brought was the backdrop and camera. ¬†Lindsay supplied everything else, because most of it is decor for the party. ¬†Isn’t that banner the cutest?!? ¬†Lindsay made it! ¬†She rocks! ¬†We’ve photographed him in ties every session to keep up with the “old man” theme. ¬†This time, we incorporated those red glasses and they just made the session perfect!

Lindsay is also my primary referral source! ¬†Without her, I wouldn’t be near as successful! ¬†Did I mention that she rocks??

Happy first birthday Fletch Man!

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