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Jaxson {2}

I’ve been working with this cutie for a while now! We decided to meet outside of the Franklin Park Conservatory to capture his two year milestone. Grandma joined us this time, and man, does he love his Grandma! She was so helpful with getting smiles and laughs. Jaxson’s personality always shines in the photos! He’s got the best expressions!

I love fall photo sessions! It’s my favorite season and my favorite holiday. I even brought along my orange ottoman to go along with the fall color scheme. The waterfalls here are gorgeous, but tricky when dealing with young children. The kiddos could walk right into that water! Also, who wants to look at the camera when there’s all that awesome water and rocks to throw? I was so happy though with how the photos came out!

When you’re looking through the photos, pay attention to the one of him walking up the bridge. Can you see he’s carrying his stuffed monkey? So cute!

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Mr. Owen

I was a little nervous going into this session, because Owen was almost 3 weeks old. I try to photograph newbies sometime in their first 10 days of life. They still have that newborn curl then and are typically very sleepy. As they get older, and become more alert, it can be more difficult to keep their little arms and legs tucked under them. Owen was a rockstar though! He slept and posed like a champ!

Big bro was not as excited to have his photo taken! Thankfully, it was a warm summer day, so we were able to go outside and capture some candid shots of him. Cookies helped too ūüôā We even brought Owen out for some outdoor shots, and once again, he did fantastic!

I just ordered a HUGE canvas of Owen laying on big bro’s chest. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous those big blue eyes will look! The canvas will be hung inside of a local Dr’s office, which just happens to be the company the mama of these gorgeous boys works for.

I’ll be meeting with this family again in about 2 weeks to capture Owen’s 6 month milestone. I can’t wait to see how much he’s changed! Hopefully, we can get big bro in some again too!

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Miss Whitney “Sweets”

Since I’m so far behind in blogging, I’m going to share this cuties last two sessions. ¬†I’ve been photographing Miss Whitney since she was in her mama’s tummy. ¬†After her newborn photos, we met for each of her milestones, so I literally watched her grow up in front of the camera. ¬†When I finished her one year session, I felt sad knowing I wouldn’t see her in three months.

The first set of photos is from her nine month session. ¬†This was in August. ¬†We decided since it had been such a hot summer that we would just meet inside at the Franklin Park Conservatory. ¬†These are my favorite photos of her from all of the sessions! ¬†Previously, her mama was disappointed at how serious Whitney was during her photo sessions, since she’s typically a smiley little girl. ¬†That’s why I love this session so much, because we see all sides of her little personality. ¬†The water was her favorite! ¬†The photo of her on her tip-toes, she’s looking into the pond of Japanese Koi. ¬†I didn’t think we’d ever get her away from that spot! ¬†Then, she found the water fountain and realized it was the right height for her to actually touch the water. ¬†She made some hilarious faces in those shots! ¬†My favorite may be the last one, but I love them all.

I am sad though when I look back at how awesome these photos are, because I’m reminded that I can’t photograph inside of the Conservatory anymore. ¬†They no longer offer the photographer membership I had. ¬†My membership expired in November, and it has been very difficult for me to photograph anyone other than newborns and small children because of that. ¬†Hopefully, one day I’ll have a studio and all of that won’t matter! ¬†Until then, here’s Whitney’s awesome nine month photos…


Whitney’s birthday is in November, so you would assume it would be too cold to be outside. ¬†Per Ohio’s typical weird and unpredictable weather, it was actually nice out. ¬†We were able to take some family shots sitting on the front steps of their house. ¬†For Whitney’s solo photos we used some of my backdrops inside of their home. ¬†Her daddy has always called her “sweets” so that was the theme of her party and we incorporated it into the session. ¬†She wasn’t a huge fan of that tutu as you’ll see in the one photo, but as soon as we put candy in front of her she was all smiles! ¬†Whitney stayed true to her “sweets” nickname as she very sweetly offered to share her smarties during the session ūüôā ¬†I also love her little outfit with the Ugg boots. ¬†I always look forward to seeing what mom has picked out for her to model.

I still keep up with Miss Whitney through social media, but as I said, it is weird to not see her every three months. ¬†Maybe she needs a sibling, so I can see them more often again ūüėČ

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Little D is 3

I’ve been photographing Little D since he was born, and let me tell you, those photos were awful lol! Thank goodness his mama has been my friend since high school or I don’t think she would have ever asked me to photograph her kids again! ¬†I can definitely see my growth when I look back through their photos.

This photo session was to capture Little D turning three. ¬†It was crazy hot out this day. ¬†Basically, last summer it either rained or was 100 degrees. We met at Homestead Park since it’s so close to both of us. ¬†I also wanted to meet there so we could still use the covered bridge if it rained. ¬†Little D was not into having his photo made at first! ¬†We finally got some adorable smiles out of him though. ¬†You’ll see little brother, Ellis, in the family shots. ¬†I believe he was two months old at the time.

That orange couch they’re sitting on is one of my favorite props! ¬†It sits in my sun room and has a matching chair and ottoman that I also love to use. ¬†We recently looked at buying me a new car that was beautiful, but that couch wouldn’t have fit in the back. ¬†You know you’re officially a prop junkie when you turn down a fabulous new car because all of your props won’t fit into the back!

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Carter {3}

It never fails, every time I meet with Lori and Carter, it’s 100 degrees outside! This day was no exception!

Lori picked a location in Dayton, Ohio that I had never been before. We met at the Cox Arboretum MetroPark. It was really beautiful there, but tricky to find shade since many of their flowers require direct sun. We had a hard time getting Carter’s attention away from the ponds, because there were turtles everywhere. He just kept pointing and saying “turtle turtle.” ¬†You can tell that’s what he’s doing in a couple of the photos below.

Carter always makes me work for his photos lol! It’s worth it though, because he’s just the cutest little guy! I always get a ton of compliments after I post his photos. I love all of the candid shots of him! He has a big personality inside that little body!

Lori and I graduated from high school together. We never really kept in touch, aside from social media, until she had Carter and started allowing me to photograph him. Now, we see each other 2-3 times a year. I know that still isn’t much, but it’s always great to see her and catch up! I only have one request Lori, if you have another child let’s shoot for October so it isn’t so hot out lol!

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Amelie & Lindy

This was my first time working with this family, but I had met mama while she was pregnant. ¬†She works for the Dr’s office that I often photograph for. ¬†Usually, I’m doing personal family photos with the staff of this Dr’s office, but on this particular day, I was taking their staff head shots.

Thankfully, it was summer when we met for these photos. ¬†If you’ve ever worked with me and you have a toddler, I’m sure you’ve heard me say that I don’t really love using backdrops with them. ¬†It can be very hard to get a toddler to stay in one area and get a natural smile and pose out of them. ¬†Big sister, Miss Amelie, was not a big fan of the camera that day. ¬†I tried to capture some shots of her playing inside the house, but I was struggling. ¬†Finally, we decided to go in their backyard and that’s when I got the best shots! ¬†I was having her show me her favorite flowers in the backyard and talking to her about her upcoming birthday, which was really close to mine. ¬†Once she was engaged with me in conversation I got some great shots of her. ¬†Then, we decided to have her fingerpaint in the backyard, and those ended up being super cute photos of her. ¬†I was able to capture a really natural side of her while she was painting.

Little sister, Miss Lindy, wanted to stay awake for her entire newborn session! ¬†Her big blue eyes are wide open for a lot of the photos. ¬†We took several nursing breaks, and while I played outside with big sister, she finally fell asleep. ¬†She stayed sound asleep all the way through the end of the session where I got some sweet photos of the two sisters on the couch together. ¬†Amelie was a proud big sister, and for the first time, didn’t mind at all to look at the camera with a smile ūüôā

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Maddie & Ryder

I believe this is the fourth time I’ve photographed these adorable kiddos! ¬†I was so worried the day we were meeting, because the forecast predicted rain the entire day. ¬†Plus, I had heard rumbles of thunder in the distance about three hours before the session. ¬†Thankfully though, mother nature was on our side! ¬†Despite some pretty strong wind, it was a very successful session.

I absolutely LOVED Miss Maddie’s outfit! ¬†She knew how to work it too! ¬†I don’t think she ever put her purse down unless I asked her to. ¬†I was amazed at how grown up little Ryder was at this session. ¬†He was so tall, and walking and talking the entire time. ¬†Both kiddos have amazing eyes! ¬†I was happy we chose Homestead Park for the photo location, because of the blue train there. ¬†That blue against Ryder’s eyes was amazing! ¬†The wagon I used was my hubby’s when he was a little boy. ¬†It’s so noisy and missing one of the red side pieces, but I just love the vintage feel of it. ¬†I put a quilt on the bottom of it that was my Grandma’s to protect them from getting dirty. ¬†Even without all of the sentimental pieces, that photo of Maddie kissing her brother in the wagon is my all-time favorite!

I keep telling mom and dad they need to jump into the photos sometime! ¬†As many times as I’ve met with them, they’ve never taken a family photo. ¬†Maybe I can convince them this summer!

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