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The {M} Family

The colors in these photos are fabulous! Sometimes, I will ask what families plan to wear if I’m trying to match props. For this particular session, I wasn’t planning to use any props other than the beautiful scenery of the park. We had choose to meet at Inniswoods in Westerville. If you’ve never visited that park you’re missing out! Especially, in the fall! The leaves had just begun to change and fall when we met for this session, and they matched perfectly with their clothing.

This was my second time working with this family. These two kiddos have super fun personalities and are definitely not shy in front of the camera. They actually make my job somewhat easier, because they have their own ideas for the photos!

What a beautiful family! I hope I can work with them for years to come!

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Thowback Thursday {Roane-Thomas Family}

When I decided back in November of last year to go prn (as needed) with my Physical Therapy job, I was very sad about not seeing my good friend Selina everyday.  Not only were Selina and I co-workers for almost three years, but we also attended college together.  I was so young at only 17 when I entered the Physical Therapist Assistant program, so Selina always says I was like her baby haha!  When we graduated college, Selina and I lost touch for over seven years.  She got a job in Mansfield, and I moved to Columbus.  After seven long years of being apart, I was interviewing for a new job when who do I see standing in the therapy gym?  Selina!!!  I of course took the job, and we have really enjoyed re-connecting over the past three years.  She is super happy that I am pursuing my dream, but we are both still sad about not working together anymore.

She’s on my mind today, so I decided to dedicate today’s post to her.  I’m starting with her engagement photos.  I was very honored when she asked me to capture such an exciting time in her life.  The weather was not on our side though, so we re-scheduled three times!  Finally, Mother Nature cooperated for us and we had an absolutely beautiful day at Innis Wood Gardens.  Selina and Norvin were so easy to work with!  Their love for each other shines through in each photograph.  Now, they are happily married and approaching their one year anniversary!


Last fall, I met again with Selina for a photo session at the Park of Roses.  This time, it was all about her daughter, Kaliha.  I just love this young lady!  She has such a lovely spirit and great sense of humor.  My cheeks hurt when I’m around Kaliha from the constant smile she makes me wear!  If you know her amazing mama, then you know where she gets it from 🙂


Miss you dearly Selina!  xoxo

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Throwback Thursday {The Monn’s}

I have to leave super early tomorrow to catch a flight, but I didn’t want to miss posting my Throwback Thursday feature!  I’m super excited about sharing this family!  My husband and the father, Bob, have been friends since childhood.  He was also a groomsman in our wedding.  He brought Amanda to a wine tasting at our condo about four years ago, and now fast forward to present day, and they are happily married with two beautiful kiddos!  It’s been such a joy watching Bob transform into a dad, and a great one at that!

I’m pleased to introduce you to their youngest kiddo, Miss Lili.  She by far has been the easiest newborn I’ve ever photographed!  It was easy to soothe her, and she was a heavy sleeper, so I was able to pose her with cute props and snap away!  Not to mention how beautiful she is!  My friend, Nina, made those super fancy hats with the feathers for me.  She also made the zebra cocoon and diaper cover.  Who doesn’t love a Buckeye baby?!?  I made sure to add the pom poms, so this little beauty wouldn’t be mistaken as a boy in that cute helmet hat.  These are some of my favorite newborn photos I’ve ever taken!


This past fall we finally met to do photos of the whole family at Inniswoods.  I believe Miss Lili was around seven months, so she was able to sit unsupported so well.  Now, you get to meet their other cutie, Jackson!  He had just celebrated his third birthday.  I love the one of both kids up in the air!  Such a fun family!  I’m blessed to not only have them as clients, but more importantly, as friends.

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