Throwback Thursday {Baby Dylan}

I just photographed this family last week, and they are my favorite photos so far!  “Baby Dylan” is now two and his big brother, Cohen, will be turning five soon.  I’ve known their parents for 11 years now.  Brandy and I worked together for a very long time.  The past couple of years, I unfortunately don’t see them that often since we no longer work together.

Almost a year ago, Brandy was involved in a very serious car accident.  Both boys were in the car too.  Fortunately, the boys only had very minor injuries.  Brandy, on the other hand, had several fractures.  We all know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Well, the only thing they lost that day was their car, but the fact that they could have lost much much more is a scary thought.  I’ll never forget the look on Nathan’s face when I visited them at the hospital.  He was crouched onto the ground in the hallway with his head in his hands.  When he finally looked at me I knew he was thinking about how close he came to loosing his entire family.

Brandy had a long recovery.  Being a mother of two while wearing a back brace and loosing the use of your left hand was definitely not easy.  She made it though!  When we were together last week she showed me that she has lost some motion in her left wrist, but other than that is doing great considering.

We may not see each other everyday like we use to, or even once a month, but I will always love this family dearly.  With the anniversary of the accident approaching, I’m so honored to be capturing priceless memories for them and reminding everyone how priceless our time here together really is.

Let’s end on a happy note with the first photos of baby Dylan.  This was my first outdoor newborn session.  Dylan did awesome the entire time.  I honestly don’t remember him crying at all!  They have the two cutest little guys!

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